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Drseuss 26th May 2018 06:24 PM

Buttons do unexpected Things
I had a look around the forums but could not find anyone else with these issues.

Basically I have attached a usb controller to my computer. I configured project 64 for this controller and I load a rom. however, once in the rom, certain buttons do unexpected things: the start button (plus), for example, toggles the emulator between windowed and fullscreen mode, while still working as the start button in-game. Also, my select button (minus) locks and unlocks the mouse. this isn't an issue because the select button isn't bound to anything, but I don't remember having bound these buttons as shortcuts to do these things. Can I change the shortcuts? Where would I do such a thing? Thanks...

ExtremeDude2 27th May 2018 01:57 AM

What is the controller you are using? Does it do this in other programs?

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