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Qwertybub3 2nd April 2018 07:45 PM

Banjo-Tooie emulation stopping Error (v2.3.2.202)
I tried to start the temple puzzle challenge on version I got an Error window that says "Unhandled R4300i opcode at 80012F00 daddi at,. t8,0x11BF Stopping Emulation !"

retroben 3rd April 2018 04:24 AM

What gfx plugin are you using?

If its one of the Rice plugins then that may be the cause of the problem since that one has issues normally and even crashes on some puzzles,this is confirmed on Android Mupen when using Rice but I don't know if Windows has the same condition.

If not on Rice I don't know what it might be other than a code breaking something if any are being used,especially if its some of my older codes from the forum before I knew what I was doing with altered values.

Please list all of your settings and such for the game.
If you are using Jabo D3D on an Intel GPU then that would be another potential cause of issues as that setup even fails on the most up to date drivers.

Qwertybub3 3rd April 2018 04:33 PM

I made a clean installation of Project 64 and it works. I think I made a mistake when installing it the previous time.

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