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alecwoodruff 19th April 2020 02:54 AM

Z button stuck on "rapid fire" mode?
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Hi, I'm brand new to both this forum and emulators, so if this has been answered feel free to just link another forum or something.

I'm having a weird problem I can't seem to find an answer for in Google. I am running the Project 64 emulator with a Brawler64 controller from Retro Fighters and a Mayflash brand N64 adapter to convert it to USB to connect to my PC. I am running windows 10 on the PC

I have been able to configure the controllers to be recognized by the computer and set all the buttons to the correct place and everything... only when I started playing a game did I realize that my z button is permanently stuck on a sort of "rapid fire" setting where holding it down registers as me hitting it quickly many times in a row, and I cannot seem to change this in the settings, even though I found the "rapid fire" box in "settings" and unchecked it.

Anybody else have this problem and do you know how to fix it? I know sometimes people say that the off-brand controllers have problems but I actually thought that despite being 3rd party, these controllers were some of the nicer ones you can get, based on apparent design, reviews and price... I can't imagine this would be something that cannot be changed.


ExtremeDude2 19th April 2020 12:25 PM

Have you tried changing what the Z button does (both emulated and on the controller)? Have you used the controller in other programs before?

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