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Brandino00 2nd July 2017 05:52 AM

Audio randomly stopping
While playing Zelda OoT about half way through the water temple the audio just seemed to cut out and wont play anymore. The audio works fine with every otherwise it seems to just not work now past a certain point. would this be a rom issue or could i have maybe done something i didnt notice?

Frank74 2nd July 2017 01:54 PM

What audio plugin are you using?

If Jabo, try switching to Azimer's. My latest build here: AziAudioNEW
Put the dll in Plugin\Audio. You can also try switch plugins while the game is running. Goto Options > Settings > Config: Legend of Zelda > Plugins, change audio plugin.

Else, you can see if adding AudioResetOnLoad=Yes to the OoT section in Config\Project64.rdb. Then make a save state and load it again.

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