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tolliverj 22nd November 2016 10:58 PM

battletanx global assault cheat help
i'm new to this site and i want to now if anybody can halp me with a specific cheat that i want in this game its a color cheat, i have project 1.6 and i have the first battletanx rom and found out how to force player 1 to be any color you see in campaign in multiplayer its really cool

here are all the color codes that i found through experimenting with the codes there are 12 colors for the tanks

army green
802DE7DF 0008
802DE7DF 000A
802DE7DF 0000
802DE7DF 0004
802DE7DF 0006
802DE7DF 0005
802DE7DF 0001
maroon red
802DE7DF 000B
olive green
802DE7DF 0007
802DE7DF 0009
802DE7DF 0003
802DE7DF 0002
glitchy color
802DE7DF 000E

i did not find the black or brown colors but i take full credit for the rest of them

i want these kinds of cheats in global assault you now the tan color and black color, but no nothing about how to understand or find them can someone help me out in your spare time it can be for the EU or the USA version of the game i have both roms aswell.

HatCat 26th November 2016 02:28 AM

The values are probably indices to a paletted color table (think GIF image pixels).

It's easy as well to understand if you've done stuff with arrays in some programming languages. You might have to search RAM and/or ROM for 24-bit 0xRRGGBB and 0xBBGGRR and 32-bit RGBA, BGRA, ARGB and ABGR pixel values in hex to see the full color table of what color each array index corresponds to.

tolliverj 26th November 2016 05:30 PM

thanks for replying i will try those 24 and 32 bit arrays i use 2.3.0 with memory viewer as my debugger but use 1.6 for my main emulator, this will take me for ever to find i fear witch sucks.

tolliverj 26th November 2016 06:16 PM

what program do you suggest i use i have HxD and cheat engine and tried them both and the memory viewer and that kept crashing like a bitch its quite apparent that i have no idea what i'm doing at all when it comes to finding addresses i'm dumb as a fucking rat.

HatCat 27th November 2016 02:07 AM

The memory viewer in Project64 2.x has always been rather crash-prone and unstable.

Best you can do is only use the cheats search window, and reduce the amount of time the memory viewer window ever needs to be kept open by speeding up the time it takes to open it, quickly jump to the RAM offset you need to play with, and exit ASAP.

Once in a while on an as-needed basis, right-click a RAM offset result in the cheat search results and click "view in memory editor" or whatever the right-click menu option is called. That will give you just enough time to view and play with the new memory offset in the memory editor window and then close it as fast as you can before it has a chance to crash.


Originally Posted by tolliverj (Post 67145)
what program do you suggest i use i have HxD and cheat engine and tried them both and the memory viewer and that kept crashing like a bitch its quite apparent that i have no idea what i'm doing at all when it comes to finding addresses i'm dumb as a fucking rat.

HxD is fine for beginner hex-editing stuff to learn from.

I never use it on my own machine because:
  • It's unavailable to non-Windows operating systems.
  • It's proprietary with no way to compile it or port it over.
  • It's written in C++.

Still for what you're doing I'm pretty sure it's good enough, but I don't think it will let you view N64 RAM inside of Project64 unless you can get HxD to read from RAM instead of files like ROM images.

HatCat 27th November 2016 02:21 AM

There's a collection of hex-editors here in Wikipedia's comparison if you were just asking about that.

Of those, the only ones I have installed without uninstalling afterwards are:
  • shed ... it's a little too old-fashioned, but I use it for small files in some cases.
  • hexedit -- very basic and simplified but colorful. Works very well in an X-less primitive command-line environment to do emergency system tweaks.
  • dhex -- I think this is the only non-X11 one I have found that lets you compare whole files in split view and more advanced features like that.
  • HT editor -- I don't use this anymore because it's written in C++. It's more of a disassembler-featured thing. I'd rather run NIEW64 in DOSBox.
  • Bless -- GTK-based hex editor with a GUI for windowed environments.
  • Okteta -- Qt-based hex editor that comes with KDE. Eh, it works too. Probably has a Windows port somewhere.

retroben 27th November 2016 03:35 AM

I have XVI32 as my favorite hex editor that works pretty well on a Windows 7 PC but I am not sure if it will run correctly on Windows 10.

HatCat 28th November 2016 12:02 AM

Proprietary egoware.

Avoid installation at all costs.

tolliverj 28th November 2016 11:08 PM

how can i get those color cheats i discovered in the official project 64 so they can be in the cheats menu for the first Battletanx.

tolliverj 28th November 2016 11:09 PM

i mean added by the creator or something? just wandering. keep in mind that the cheats are only for the us version

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