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trymeout 16th February 2020 01:48 AM

Mayflash Adaptor & Unofficial Controllers
I got a mayflash n64 adapter and I have several n64 controllers. The official n64 controllers I have work with the adapter, but the unofficial controllers I have dont even read at all, I installed antimicro to do further testing to see if the buttons and sticks are even being detected when they are being pushed and they are not. I also tried calibrating the controllers but that did not work.

I did try all of my controllers on my n64 console and they all work fine weather it is an official or unofficial controller.

I have this problem on windows and linux. Is there a way to get any unofficial controller to work and be readable by the mayflash adapter? Especially since it is hard to find official n64 controllers since they are not made anymore and they will always be making unofficial controllers.

Thank in advanced!

ExtremeDude2 17th February 2020 01:45 PM

This is not a mayflash support forum, you will have to ask them as it has nothing to do with pj64.

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