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kkt1986 4th January 2011 06:18 AM

Two problems w/occarina of time

I have two issues that I want to ask about.

I *think* they may both be directly related to Zelda: occarina of time.

The first definitely does: When in the Great Deku Tree, there's a room with a spiked bar going across, hindering me from crossing the waters on a platform. Now, all the guides I can find, and even youtube videos, clearly show that there's supposed to be a switch underwater, which lowers the water levels - but I can't find it! It's not there.

On the other hand, there's a switch on land, just as I enter the room, which lights a torch right next to it. But THIS switch is not there on one youtube video I found! How can that be?

The other problem regards the left shoulder button. In Occarina of time, when I press whichever keyboard key that's configured to L, all that happens is that I switch the map on and off. The key does not allow me to aim at enemies, or move left in the start menu. What is wrong here?

Thanks a lot in advance for help on these issues. And thanks to the team. I sure missed playing the N64!

Alunalun 4th January 2011 09:56 AM

The first problem sounds like you are playing OoT:Master Quest instead of OoT.
fyi it is possible to just backflip over the spiked rail thing if you time it perfectly. You will take damage but you'll get to the other side.

And that is what the left shoulder button is supposed to do...?
You are confusing L with Z. on the N64 controller Z is used for moving left and for locking on.
On the gamecube controller, however, L is used because it only has two prongs instead of the N64's three.
Therefore you are definitely playing master quest. It was released for the gamecube but it is a modified N64 game, so it can run on PJ64.
Puzzles with be different and some buttons labelled wrong. Controls are in fact the same as for OoT non-master quest.

kkt1986 4th January 2011 01:55 PM

Thanks! Your answer clarified it all for me. You're right, this is that Master-something game. I didn't even know about that game (never had a gamecube), but I suppose that'll just add an interesting twist to the game as I know it.

kkt1986 4th January 2011 01:57 PM

Actually... I don't know how to backflip. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to explore :)

Experiment #150 4th January 2011 03:12 PM

XD Eesyest dyeagnoseis EV4R

Alunalun 4th January 2011 06:08 PM

to backflip you walk backwards and jump, while strafing/z-targeting
but I expect you can find youtube walkthroughs for master quest too, if you like walkthroughs
death to walkthroughs...

Experiment #150 4th January 2011 06:20 PM

Well you just gave him a backflipthrough.

much easier than walking.

HatCat 4th January 2011 06:58 PM

You can also backflip by getting your ass kicked so forcefully that you fly around in a circle.

Doesn't work in OOT though.

Experiment #150 4th January 2011 07:25 PM

Yeah, trust me. I've tried.

HatCat 4th January 2011 07:46 PM

Press L to levitate after getting K'd the f O.

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