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rabadash 7th September 2012 06:59 PM

problems with Project64 on Windows 7 (Chinese)
Hi together,

first of all, you do a great job and version 1.6 runs perfectly on my computer.

Well I do have a friend from China who want to use it. He has Windows 7 a chinese version of course, he always gets problem while installing. So I did just give him my whole project64 Folder which was generated in Program Files. He was able to start PJ64 with that.

So I finally gave him a ROM so he could play Zelda. Well but the next problem did appear soon after starting the game. he was only able to use the arrows and the start button. but when he tried to choose something, with the A button, nothing did happen. I let him change his controller settings but nothing did help. he couldnt choose anything....
Could you please help me.

And sorry for my english


squall_leonhart 7th September 2012 07:01 PM

hmm, the installer 1.6 uses shouldn't have problems with unicode enabled locales, but if he disabled unicode it would be a problem.

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