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VonDarkmore 10th April 2013 01:07 AM

Pokemon Stadium 2 mini game graphic issues
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I've tried a lot of different settings and graphics changes however none worked. My game plays great and everything else works fine However the graphics for the mini-game player screen are garbled. I have attached two pictures of this.

I Have the same problem In version 1.6 and 2.0 so I can do a fix or some kind of work around for either, both are available.

I don't mind if this fix causes problems with the rest of the game, Pretty much only use the Mini-game section.

Thank you for your time.

squall_leonhart 10th April 2013 01:28 AM

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never seen that issue.

try this version of jabo's plugin.

VonDarkmore 10th April 2013 01:58 AM

I tried that version of jabo's plugin in both pj64 emulators and no fix sadly, I've been playing around with it for a while and will continue to do so for however long it takes :P

I've looked at the other parts of Pokemon Stadium as well. and I know alot of people get problems with pokemon pictures, icons etc. However I get none of that only issue is that Mini game screen and scoreboard. I'll fiddle with some graphics settings try them all

squall_leonhart 10th April 2013 05:26 AM

ok yeah, i see it now. Looks like some kind of issue decoding the image.

Glide64 has issues with this screen as well, unless you disable Hardware Framebuffer Detection/Effects.

But that obliterates performance.

HatCat 10th April 2013 12:46 PM

Actually glN64 seemed to do better for these games than Glide/Jabo/Rice.

But I forget if HWFBE (experimental) was supposed to be checked in glN64 settings.

VonDarkmore 11th April 2013 12:50 AM

You are correct glide64 does handle it, and if you unchecke Hardware Frame-buffer Detection/Effects it does fix the image problem, however like Squall said it lowers performance the game plays at about 85% speed (100% speed being normal) I'll have a fiddle around and see if any other options can increase the speed back up since I have a high end pc, cause the HWFBE fixed it completely.
Thanks a lot of your help very close now to having it perfect.

If you happen to know a setting that may increase speed even if it puts strain on the computer let me know.

Thanks again squall and fatcat your both amazing have a great day

HatCat 11th April 2013 12:56 AM

I was referring to another plugin called glN64.

It, too, has HWFBE implemented.
It gives better results for some games than Glide64 (if not, only during certain portions, but not others).

It largely is related to texture filtering balances, whereas Glide64 uses some very unorthodox filtering strategies.

The name "glN64" is often confused with Glide64, seeing as it's the only OpenGL graphics plugin available besides TR64 OpenGL by icepir8 and z64gl (and umm...Jabo's OpenGL?).


Originally Posted by VonDarkmore (Post 45200)
Thanks again squall and fatcat your both amazing have a great day


*gets warm fuzzies while eating*

VonDarkmore 11th April 2013 01:36 AM

Ah yes I see now, I tested the glN64 too, but I continued fiddling with glide64 and its funny but now the menu screen is all that is slow, at like 85% speed still. However battles and mini-games all play at the normal speed and are perfectly fine. Its good enough for me everything game play wise is perfect graphic wise is perfect very pleased with this.

Only little thing is the audio during games and battles is perfect, during menu screens it is garbled, I deduce its from being played at 85% speed, I'll try to find some setting that may disable music in menus and turn it back on during games if not I will just mute my TV during menu time haha, since I play it on a 70 inch 3D TV with my girlfriend and her girlfriends who absolutely love it.

So now everything is perfect thank you for the fast replies and help, I really appreciate it and I hope you both have an amazing year!

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