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MajorFoley 28th January 2014 11:53 PM

Problem with May Flash adapter and jabo direct plugin
Hi guys i recently acquired a mayflash n64 controller adapter and i encountered a small problem with it.
All the controls are able to be setup with the exception of one of them, C-down.
I ran the windows configuration and it finds the C-down button so im thinking its just the plugin, i tried something else like N-Rage and it also found it. I was just wondering if someone else had this problem as well and was able to find a solution as i would prefer to use the Jabo direct plugin over any of the others to be honest.

The version im using is Jabo's Directinput 7 1.6

MajorFoley 31st January 2014 07:05 AM

any ideas?

MajorFoley 26th July 2014 05:10 AM

not one person has an idea?

HatCat 26th July 2014 09:08 PM

A search on the forum for the word "mayflash" in even just the titles of threads is enough to emit pages of proof that Mayflash sucks. It's cheap for a reason: It's a rip-off and although I have no controller/adapter knowledge whatsoever, anytime I see people on this forum attempt to support it, it ends in the problem of uncontrollable, crappy drivers/damaged hardware.

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