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PEDRO9886 18th July 2016 06:42 PM

Controller Issues
I'm trying to use a retrolink N64 controller. I have the drivers installed and device manager says it's working properly.

First issue:
In the emulator settings, I'm able to map all the controls without issue. When I open up a rom, Super Mario 64 for example, it says no controller at the start screen.

N-rage plugin fixed the rom not recognizing my controller

2nd Issue:
The joystick doesn't work in game. I can map it just fine like before, but it doesn't function in game.

This is where I need help. Everything else works, just not the joystick.

When I bought the controller on amazon, one of the reviewers stated they were able to get it to work on windows 10. I'm using P64 version Any ideas?

PEDRO9886 18th July 2016 07:10 PM

I found the issue. The things I found on older versions of Project 64 said to turn down the dead zone to around 5%. It was opposite for me in this version. 98% was about right and it's working great (aside from needing a new joystick installed).

theboy181 19th July 2016 12:33 AM


Good to hear!

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