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Amonzets 31st May 2017 06:19 AM

Majoras Mask Save game help
So, I had a problem with a save game on my project 64, while playing majoras mask I ended the woodfall temple, and somehow it crashed down and I losted everything.
I was trying to look for a save game that was only done the woodfall temple, so i wouldn't play it all over again, I didnt find it anywhere, but while I was looking I found this forum and I did saw a guy here named hatcat(hope he sees this) that posted a code for a save just like I needed, but i dont know where to put it, or how to put it, can someone lay me a hand? I dont know if this is the right place where I should be placing this post, so im sorry if itsnt

the code was this:
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-erase
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-new true
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-rename "Link "
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --owl-statues 0000000011000001
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0000
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0101
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1D32
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000011100001
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --temple-Woodfall 00000111
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --boss-masks 0001

HatCat 14th August 2017 03:13 AM

Read the effing manual m8.

Maybe like, check what the options actually do before running them? The same guy who I was helping in the thread you got that code from posted a YouTube video about how to plug the stuff in to a command window, or lay out a batch file template.

ExtremeDude2 28th August 2017 02:43 PM


HatCat 29th August 2017 02:48 AM


Blex 16th September 2017 04:10 AM

Majoras Mask Save game help
Jeeze. Thats a better creepy pasta than half the ones out there. I know its not meant to be, but still. Reminds me of the "Ben" haunted majoras mask.

HatCat 16th September 2017 04:43 PM


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