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Zolouz94 26th December 2017 04:00 PM

Legend of Zelda Ocarine of Time
Hi everyone, im new in the forum
I have a simple issue here, when i was younger 12yo i played the game with a very old version of pj64, saved the rom and every file i did, now im 23yo and checking on my stuffs found the files and tried to play everything again, all fine except for the Ocarine of Time, the rom runs but a message say "access denied" and no file is loaded even if i create a new again, ive searched but found nothing about the source of the error or solutions, that file was really important to me because i had 98 golden skulls and 19 3/4 hearts already its about 95%+ of the game, 1 bottle went bad due the big poe died inside a wall, anyway if somebody knows about this error or how to fix the fact that the rom doesnt allow any new saves would be of help, thanks

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