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zerowalker 3rd February 2016 03:46 AM

Sync To Audio, get the correct Hz to set to allow Vsync without it.

Okay my Title is awful but the question is kinda weird.

I wonder if it's possible to somehow get the Framerate/Hz that Sync to Audio sets the Game to.

Cause i would guess in concept Sync to Audio just means that the Video is wrong.
And then it will just cut/skip the Video in order to sync with the Audio which is more Accurate.

But then it stands that you should be able to just add/sub the difference,
and set your monitor to that framerate/Hz and have it Synced fine in Vsync without needing that algorithm.

Do i make any sense;P?

Marcelo_20xx 4th February 2016 08:17 PM

You make sense perfectly, what it doesn't make sense is why we need to sync to old hardware instead of taking advantage of modern LCDs that handle the drawing routine different so we don't even need vsync on the first place...

zerowalker 4th February 2016 08:19 PM

A bit confused about what you mean there?

Doesn't it make sense to sync an LCD to the display rate of older hardware?

Marcelo_20xx 4th February 2016 10:30 PM

I mean, with the new tech that LCD monitors has we don't need to use even Hz frequencies, they were a limitation of the old phosphors screens, the Hz freqs on LCDs were kept for compatibility purposes. But then we get this annoying microstutters because we never achieve perfect syncs because not all LCDs support all freqs specially the very low/very odd ones that the old stuff use to sync, when in reality LCDs monitors dont need to even use Hz frequencies because they draw the image differently than the old monitors, sorry english is not my first language so I hope my wording makes sense...

PS: Don't confound refresh rate with FPS...

zerowalker 4th February 2016 10:36 PM

Ah think i get what you are talking about.

You are talking about the use of tech like FreeSync?

Didn't know that HZ was only used for Compatibility.
Learned something there.

But yeah i totally agree on that concept, i would clearly rather have a "Draw == HZ" than a locked HZ.

But i don't think the question i wanted answered is however to lock the equal to that HZ that the Emulator produces from Sync to Audio.
Cause it shouldn't be floating i think, though again maybe it does.

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