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Marcelo_20xx 20th March 2019 09:26 PM

Super Mario 64 60 FPS
This mod combines the 60 FPS patch made by Kaze Emanuar and lost of custom edits I made to the rom so we can have a more fluid paced vanilla game


You must apply this patch with the FLIPS tool on a unmodified BIG ENDIAN Super Mario 64 (USA) rom

I post this patch in the hopes that some modders here can help me ironing the remaining 2 visual glitches that it has:

*The blinking letterbox at the ending sequence where Peach speaks to Mario
*A glitched visual at the ending where the games shows you the various courses

Ideally the solution would be for the first one to remove the letterboxes entirely and for the second to remove the picture in picture effect entirely

Some features this mod has:
* Extended draw distance for objects and npcs
* Render fix for widescreen resolutions, best used with the GlideN64 16:9 aspect ratio hack
* High poly Mario model always visible
* Removed Title Screen, Menu Screen and Course Intro dialogues
* UI elements disabled (Stars, Coins, Lives counters, Camera Icons and Power Meter)

Thanks and any comments are welcome

Jpmfmagnet 5th April 2019 12:50 PM

Very nice and informative information.

btester 17th July 2019 08:55 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Course 3 * Treasure of the ocean cave
I open the four chests... the music suggests 'success' sound... and the emulation stops without getting to show the achieved star.
Displays the following message: "Fatal Error: Stopping emulation".

Course 9 * Chests in the current
The same problem.

Course 9 * Through the jet stream
The same problem.

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