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Jabo 9th January 2006 04:45 PM

New bins uploaded
So I uploaded two binaries tonight. The first is a new input plugin, basically Smiff thought it would be cool if the item you were currently working on was highlighted, so I hacked together a little custom stuff to make it blue which looks really nice.
The second update is the direct3d plugin. One of the problems I've had with texture packs is that use them you have extract the files (the folder is "textures-load" if you didn't know) for the plugin to see it. With this new build you can simply drop the zip file you download from our website in that folder and the plugin will read from the ZIP file directly (kind of like what a texture pack implies really) this way you don't have to fragment up your hard disk with a couple hundred files. I think it also helps loading performance slightly, not sure about during play tho.

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