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drseatbelt 28th January 2012 11:24 PM

would it be possible to port the assets of the 3ds version over to project 64...? I think it's pretty lame that they made it for a handheld. Also equally lame is that they didn't include any new content, atleast one new dungeon would've been nice...

al9095 12th February 2012 03:38 AM

I don't think it's possible, after all it is a different game engine and project 64 only supports n64 games.

Natch 12th February 2012 06:45 PM

maybe someone'll make a hack for it.

ExtremeDude2 12th February 2012 07:16 PM

It will NEVA (<-- yeah dats right :3) happen, just sayin' :rolleyes:

Natch 13th February 2012 01:38 AM

Most likely not, no.

Obelent 28th February 2012 03:20 AM

Sweet graphics update!

furryfangs 18th November 2012 08:02 PM

there is some small poly and texture update also having master quest unlock after beating the game the first time. been able to re-fight monsters simply by going to links bed inside hes treehouse with a special all bosses mode which is one boss fighter after another.(which is basically a Survival Mode)

ExtremeDude2 9th November 2014 04:23 PM

So I hear u liek LoZ: MM on 3ds?

the_randomizer 9th November 2014 04:26 PM

Majora's Mask is overrated and isn't the best game in the series trololololol

ExtremeDude2 12th November 2014 01:40 AM

And banz

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