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HatCat 5th August 2016 09:38 PM

The other reason why this fantasmic definition of "portable" in end-user-land, of configuration settings being stored on removable disk, doesn't work, is because it also contradicts CDs out of favor for flash drives or whatever. Using the Windows registry is more portable than storing config files in "the EXE folder" if you have stuff burned to a non-writable CD, in which case writing the config on a regular basis will lead to tedious errors and not to mention always fail.

With AppData/registry the worst that can happen is you have to set up your configuration again whenever you use a new deal? And that's non-portable how exactly?


Originally Posted by retroben (Post 65958)
About your double post,the forum has been lagging more occasionally for me lately too,even though the computer is hardwired to the internet,it still hangs,probably because how crap this computer is now.
I have to open another tab and visit it when waiting for my post to be added when on the computer during my code hunt time just to make it become posted,but that's also because everything on that computer is pretty slow already on top of me using a slower 32bit discontinued Chrome named CoolNovo to avoid excessive CPU usage of updated Chrome versions killing all of my performance nonstop.

Huh?? Whose double post?

*realizes he double-posted*
Just deleted it.

I don't think it's this forum's fault; it's this mega-slow Windows 10 computer I'm using. It's my first time using Windows 10 and I don't think whatever purported revolutionary engineering of this operating system outweighs this crappy hardware and the fact that Linux is simply better regardless. I have no personal computer access though, so whatever I post on this forum has to be through public computers in public facilities, maintained by publicly stupid IT people installing inferior operating systems on everybody's computers. :)

retroben 6th August 2016 05:38 AM

Windows 10 is slower than Windows7!
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Anyway,one reason would be all the stuff that Win10 does in the background and foreground with spyware and adware,telemetry sending "the owner's" data through online which means it is wasting file reading resources and using up a chunk of your upload speeds and the ads are likely downloaded,thus using up your download speeds. :mad:

Edit:Guess what,the computer gods have blessed me with a Windows 7 laptop from Wal-Mart!
Its an old model Acer with Intel Celeron Dualcore at a low 1.4Ghz and only Intel HD (R),and it was only $192 dollars!!!

From the time I spent setting up and updating drivers,Brawl runs pretty decent on Ishiiruka accross all backends and Banjo-Tooie works really well on the latest PJ64 buildbot with Glide64 using my smoother fps code!
(driver update made it even better!)

Now I can do stuff whenever instead of just a locked in condition.

retroben 6th August 2016 10:22 PM

Look at edit please.

Sorry for pointless post,just didn't want to put it here,instead just editing it in.

HatCat 7th August 2016 07:54 PM

Well my last log in was 2 days ago, so it didn't really matter whether you edited or posted it.
Similarly my last computer access ability was also 2 days ago. :)

Sounds like Windows 10 is taking the bloatware to the extreme by doing tons of jobs in the background you never asked for. They may as well go in that direction I guess since it's the inverse of other approaches that clearly outclass any version of Windows anyway.

As of now though, the only public computer access I have is either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Actually, some kiosk computers at the downtown library have Linux installed to them for browsing the online catalog and such, but it's not like I can use Git on it or anything. If I were them, I'd just install Gentoo.

Frank74 7th August 2016 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by retroben (Post 65963)
Edit:Guess what,the computer gods have blessed me with a Windows 7 laptop from Wal-Mart!
Its an old model Acer with Intel Celeron Dualcore at a low 1.4Ghz and only Intel HD (R),and it was only $192 dollars!!!

That's a LOT of money for that.

I recently got a quad core Pentium N3540 2.2Ghz 64-bit Windows 8.1 laptop, with 4Gig Ram, 1 TB harddrive, for 40.

That's 52.2874 US dollars, 68.7385 Australian dollars, or, 68.9423 Canadian dollars.

Or 11 pints of Guiness with a pound change........hic....

retroben 7th August 2016 10:15 PM

Just had to deal with Windows 10 today for my own privacy safety of a relative's laptop having it (lucky I even got to do that),and it truly is that bad of a problem and much worse,though the update didn't re-enable background "apps" that were turned off,so at least that was fixed,but it greyed out some options,not allowing you to change them,by chance you forgot to disable them and are now stuck with it.

Using the Spybot Anti Beacon can sort out all of the telemetry and other stuff that gets done and re-instated after every Windows update by immunizing the system on each startup.
A video showed how updates made it much less covered even when it was already in complete coverage via cmd-line commands to block all of the stuff that sends it out and other steps to further block it.

There's probably even some others outside of the UI that are still running,and aren't covered by the stuff done in the video.

Its funny,the main thing resourceful/most users are trying to block isn't even ads themselves,just all of the personalized spyware junk and other things that take up your internet speeds along with storage reads/writes and RAM if they take up a chunk.

Frank74 7th August 2016 10:26 PM

The only version of Windows 10 to consider is the Enterprise version. But that costs money.

It's the only version that let's you turn off every piece of spyware.

The most criminal included with 10 is the keylogger, that records every keypress and sends it. So anyone that can get access, can read all your personal passwords, or even your own private diary if you write one.

HatCat 8th August 2016 03:44 PM

Delete system32.

retroben 9th August 2016 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by HatCat (Post 65982)
Delete system32.

Install Bonzi Buddy first. :D

...OH WAIT! :eek: Cortana

HatCat 13th August 2016 08:43 PM

No, keep system32, but empty the folder and install Gentoo there.
Then add Bonzi Buddy for Windows.

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