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piercedmarine 2nd March 2014 04:44 AM

Usb n64 controller works in windows 8?
Well, I just bought a Retrolink USB N64 controller and received it in the mail today. I want to first say that the product CLEARLY STATES that it should work on any PC or any mac. I try to use it on my Windows 8 PC and it doesn't even recognize it, even after installing the disc that came with it. I tried plugging it in different ports but not even that helps. So I used my friend's Windows 7 laptop and I ran through the setup. And it worked perfectly on Project64.
So can anyone help me solve this problem, are there any specific drivers I need because I am honestly furious over this. Anyways, if you can help, thanks.

Wally123 9th March 2014 05:00 PM

The issue is actually Windows 8...and it is especially if you have Windows 8.1 where Microsoft totally borked its own software drivers for input.

Before i proceed, is this the MayFlash adapter? or is it an n64 controller with a USB cable?

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