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LoganPumphrey 17th April 2017 08:29 PM

no sound
so i downloaded donky kong 64 a few days ago (its the only game I've downloaded so far) and its been working alright for the most part. Except for today, i went to play and theres no sound. how do i fix this? :confused:

Seimän 2nd August 2017 05:58 PM

Try the Default Stuff
There are some things you could try.

First of all. Do other Games work with sound?
If not, try going at the top of the Emulator and > Options > Audioplugin or Soundplugin (I don't know how its called in English) and there, look if
the Sound's Volume is on.

If that didn't work go to Options > Options and go to Plugins.
There you should go to Plugins and try different Soundplugins.
If none of them work, go back to the default one.

If that doesn't work either ehm...

You should mayby just download DK64 again.
Don't panic, your saves won't be lost.

Even if you think "I know all that" you should try it anayway.
Often the simplest solution to a Problem is the right one.

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