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Con 26th January 2018 03:01 AM

Patreon Rewards and Discord
There are some problems I feel should be ironed out with the Patreon, so I'd like to offer my point of view and share some ideas.

When I started donating, the Project 64 prompt for Patreon support didn't go away, even after filling in the correct details. I needed additional assistance to resolve that because it wasn't working as it should.

For $5 or more per month it says:
Get access to the latest builds from the source, available via the Project64 website
There was no automatic process for this to happen, after I first donated. I certainly don't have access to anything on the site that I couldn't before (if that's what it means).

Personally, I would make use of the bot from Patreon in Discord servers. If you configure it so, people can automatically be given a "Supporter" role in the Discord server; this role can be used to access a channel in the Discord server reserved to Supports, Hackers, et cetera where latest builds or secrets could be posted. That way someone will directly have access to the Patreon reward immediately after donating.

I've been pledging since July 2017 and beta testing a few things along the way, but there's still no "roles" attributed to my account on the forums as of this writing.

To anyone who starts using Project 64 & wants to donate something to help it grow, shouldn't the process be a lot more streamline? Because when I started donating I had to ask in the forums for what next.

1337 27th January 2018 09:03 AM

The main reason why it's a little lacking is that Zilmar is the only person running the show right now. There are others here that help with bits and pieces but he manages it all as the other devs that were contributing one way or another went their own ways.

SteamyJ 22nd December 2019 06:25 AM

Out of curiosity, what else are you considering doing with this emulator?

SubCog 3rd January 2020 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by SteamyJ (Post 77438)
Out of curiosity, what else are you considering doing with this emulator?

That's a very diplomatic way of asking "Is this project dead?"

Melchior 3rd January 2020 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by SubCog (Post 77496)
That's a very diplomatic way of asking "Is this project dead?"

Zilmar, the head of PJ64 is busy mainly with real life issues right now...

Robertbrain 26th February 2020 11:15 AM

Some pages with duplicate meta descriptions. Some Page with low word count.
& Some pages with duplicate <title> tags.

MrKoippa 8th April 2020 01:46 PM

Well I donated via PJ64īs nightly builds pop up prompt.
Only option to pay for me was paypal..
Except of course visa,which I really donīt like to use for paying.
(After tranferring from my account to paypal.Paypal still took it from my
There was other options too but I have never used those..
But donating is still donating..Right?

What comes to Discord..I tried it about a year ago.Tried to make sence for it for my limited english skills.Figuring whar click button does what..But anyhow since I wrote so slowly and translating to Finnish to English(or opposite)is mostly joke with google translator..That really did not suit me..
I guess for others it is good..

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