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Modinstaller 25th May 2018 08:14 PM

Framerate issues with high-end rig
Banjo Kazooie runs badly, fps often drops by 10 or even 20 frames out of the initial 30. Drops coincide with stuff appearing on screen (collectibles, or terrain).

I've tried Glide, I've tried syncing to audio, I tried an obscure "Force 30 fps" cheat code I found here, I even tried switching to Mupen.

Cpu is i5 8400, gpu is gtx 1070, the emulator utilizes about 10% of these maximum.

VI/s keeps showing a constant 60.

By all means playable, but whenever rotating the camera towards a bunch of items or a small panorama, the game noticeably slows down and it's sorta annoying.

How can I fix this ?

retroben 26th May 2018 03:42 AM

You have to edit game settings via right click on the game in the file list if you have it showing the games in PJ64 directly in order to set Counter Factor to 1 to remove extensive lag,otherwise start the game and go into settings and expand the game name then edit that to set the Counter Factor to 1 then click apply and stop emulation then open the game again to have the changes made become active.

If you have a new enough version of PJ64,you can use the overclock feature to ensure the game doesn't drop frames or lag.

Force 30fps B-K (U) (V1.0)
D22808DF 0000
802808DF 0002

In case the code you have fails to work for any reason,one area that normally runs 20fps is the lobby for Gobi's Valley.

Explanation; The activator checks if the value is not equal to zero then sets the value to 02,this method is safer than simply forcing the value because it has to become 0 briefly between loading areas.

Also,once you complete Treasure Trove Cove to the fullest,you should be able to play the rest of the game in 60fps with the 60fps code but will of course run into difficulty issues like swimming speeds in Clanker's Cavern and other areas and faster baddies with MLG Snippet crabs.
For 60fps with the code above altered,simply set the 0002 to 0001.

If you don't mind and if you hurry,you can enter Treasure Trove Cove for the following code..
" cheat give the bear lots of air " then exit the level before it hangs in order to get past any swimming parts with ease when at 60fps.

Modinstaller 26th May 2018 06:01 AM

Awesome ! Counter Factor did the trick.

I'm not looking to run games at 60 fps, I'd rather avoid glitches and whatnot, but thanks for the tricks.

I tried to get an idea about what counter factor exactly is and I'm under the impression that I should always set it to 1 since I have a good rig. Any downsides to having it at 1 ?

Thanks for the help !

Edit : can't find the setting for overclocking. Where is it ?

retroben 26th May 2018 06:22 PM

Overclocking is in the newer 2.4 versions of PJ64 and is found in the same part of Edit Game Settings as Counter Factor.

Unhide the advanced settings in order to access right click menus for entering the "Edit Game Settings" part quickly without needing to run the game first,provided its listed within PJ64 directly.

Modinstaller 26th May 2018 09:07 PM

Ah so that's it. I have v2.3.2.

Is 2.4 in beta ? The latest version on the main download page is 2.3.2.

Anyway I'm not sure if I should set counter factor to 1 in every rom or if I'll run into problems.

ExtremeDude2 27th May 2018 01:57 AM

2.4 is beta

retroben 27th May 2018 04:33 AM

I know at least one of the wrestling games hangs on boot if Counter Factor is set to 1,making it unusable for that game.

The 2.4 builds can be found floating around but these compiled copies are usually only found on extra sketchy/annoying download sources thanks to places like EmuCR not using cleaner mirrors other than Mega but I have to mention that it stores the data of downloaded files into the "AppData" directory which requires trickery to reach in order to delete that pointless waste of storage space from the leftover data files once you have what you want.
Even then,the builds from there can end up extra buggy or non-functional sometimes.

DON'T use Mega on Android unless you want to delete the app you got files with or have root access to navigate to the app's proper directory to delete those leftover files.
I do wish the Android port of PJ64 had a redeemable amount of completion instead of barely anything.
We all still lack a real-time UI on either N64 emulator in Android for stuff like any active configurable settings or enabling/disabling/managing cheats.

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