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adamLaughlin 5th July 2013 05:24 PM

(N-Rage) Feature Request: Sensitivity Modifier
Hey folks, I can't stand switching DPI on my mouse whenever I enter aiming mode in Perfect Dark. At 50% mouse sensitivity (under Devices tab), it's an unhappy medium - still too slow while running and way too fast while aiming.

It's barely playable at a single DPI setting.

I realize you guys have sunk months of man-hours for little to no compensation on this project, so I'm uncomfortable even calling this a feature *request* when we both know my mouse has, like, 40 DPI settings.

But if imperfection should trouble your vanity...

I'll make you a deal. You guys add a sensitivity setting to the Configuration modifier, and I'll work on a method of sending hugs via USPS. We will trade.

HatCat 5th July 2013 05:52 PM

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "sensitivity".

First, didn't you just say you adjusted the mouse sensitivity on the Devices tab? I know you said this didn't work well, but, it's like you're requesting a sensitivity modifier to be added, while acknowledging that one already exists.

Second, did you try the N64 Range slider on the default tab of N-Rage? That's my primary choice for adjusting the "sensitivity".

adamLaughlin 5th July 2013 06:43 PM

Thanks for your attention to my request.
I looked and looked for a sensitivity modifier -

one already exists.
Are you referring to the Movement type of modifier? All this did was relegate my reticule to a smaller region of the screen.

I also tried the N64 range slider. I tried leaving one on 100% and one on 50%, but it turns out that both Config 1 and Config 2 are referring to the same values, and they are in fact one slider. So adding a Config modifier that switched between the two doesn't work.

All I am trying to achieve is a drastic reduction in mouse sensitivity whenever I hold down 'R' trigger, but only while that modifier is active. Either you didn't understand I was requesting a feature specifically for modifiers, or I haven't realized how to use their full power.

I am really going to get it now... I accused FatCat of not understanding something. Was that counterproductive? Go easy on me, friend.

HatCat 5th July 2013 07:38 PM

You'll have to forgive me. All this fat in my belly deflects some of the wind, so my cat ears miss some details.

Also, yes, Config 1 and Config 2 for the N64 range should *default* to the same values, but, you're saying the macro switch between 1 and 2 uses the same profile for both configs...? That totally sounds like a bug. I'm not sure I ever had that problem with N-Rage 1.83, maybe 2.1.

Or is it just a bug when using it as a macro invocation


Originally Posted by adamLaughlin (Post 48073)
All I am trying to achieve is a drastic reduction in mouse sensitivity whenever I hold down 'R' trigger, but only while that modifier is active. Either you didn't understand I was requesting a feature specifically for modifiers,

Ohh, I get it now! :)

You want to dynamically have the sensitivity change.
You don't want to go into the config every time to do it.

You know, I implemented this exact thing !!
... in my System Keyboard plugin that nobody here would ever want to use :p

Basically, in my plugin,
  • you hold Shift for 100% software-accelated max analog speed,
  • you hold Alt for 50% of the software analog limit (64/80, where 80 is the hardware limit on the real N64 joystick),
  • you hold Shift and Alt together for 25% speed (32/80, enough to tip-toe very slowly in Banjo and crap like that, tested with the snake in Mayahem Temple)

Sounds sort of like what you wanted.
Too bad only keyboard users can use a plugin so fixated, hardcoded and inflexible but also l33t. :P

I don't develop N-Rage.
Maybe you could get squall to look at whatever might be hindering the Config 1/2 switcher.
Or maybe you could annoy zilmar into touching it.
Or maybe you could write a SDL input plugin and I'll help you dev it.

adamLaughlin 5th July 2013 08:25 PM

Okay, so it's definitely not possible, then. I'll just mess with Logitech's driver and then bind my DPI switcher to R-Trigger. Sort of like you did.

As for the range setting in the Controls tab, adjusting one adjusts them both. It looks like they are reading / writing the same thingie [we call it a variable in php]. I just figured that's how it was supposed to work.

I figured out a way to mail the hug, though. I take a picture of me hugging a cardboard box, put the picture in the box, and put the box in the mail. Maybe Squall would like a hug, we shall see.

HatCat 5th July 2013 09:05 PM

No way!

For me it saves independent, different settings for the Range/analog settings between Config 1 and Config 2.

If they both read/write the exact same data why do you think the GUI element exists to begin with?

That obviously sounds more like a bug introduced in a later version, which generally I don't tend to use.
I used 2.0, later upgraded to 2.1 rc3. It's the last version of the DirectInput plugin.
Then it got changed to hybrid XInput updates later.

adamLaughlin 5th July 2013 09:19 PM

I am using 2.3c and just re-tested my statement, I am correct as far as 2.3c is concerned.

Adjusted Range on Config 1 so that 1 is 50% and 2 is 100%, "Save."
Re-opened dialog, Config 1 now reads 50% instead of previous 100%; Config 2 now reads 50% instead of previous 100%.
Adjusted Config 2 to 100% again, "Save."
Re-opened dialog, both are now at 100%.

Again, version 2.3c. I've designed software in college with a UI that had the same ambiguities and assumed this was intentional. The Up, Right, Left, Down settings still vary as intended, I figured this was A-OK. I PM'ed Squall so he can ensure everything is working the way he wants... and maybe even the way I want! :D

Edit: I would use the versions you listed and just let it go, except my Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 uses XInput, not DirectInput. *FURTHER RESEARCH* Actually it's DirectInput. YEAY!

squall_leonhart 8th July 2013 05:25 AM

what you are complaining about is actually a game mechanic, turning/aiming speed slows then moving quickly. IT DOES THIS IN MANY FPS GAMES.

As it happens, Mouse input in a controller based console emulator is a giant hack of somehow working variables in the first place.

adamLaughlin 11th July 2013 12:35 AM

Very well, Squall, thank you for your work.

But holy shit. "Complaining?"



If you consider that a complaint then you should probably not even support the project anymore...

I'm just going to use the controller and the default plugin, what a fucking asshole. I don't want your help.

ExtremeDude2 15th July 2013 11:45 AM

Silly funnyjunk

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