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miiss_alyssa 9th October 2015 02:43 AM

Cannot use my keyboard
So I use to use a different emulator because I could never get Project64 to work because of my security settings and such. On the other emulator which is set up exactly as this one, I was able to use my keyboard as the "controller". Example I could use W,A,S,D as the analog stick. I loaded up Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and configured my controller settings to use my keyboard. It recognizes the buttons as I press them, I saved the controls and then used them. However the game is not registering it. Is there something I'm missing? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

1337 9th October 2015 05:47 AM

So are you using project 64 or not?

It sounds like you're trying to get help with a unnamed emulator (Which we don't do here).

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