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cynicalmedia 13th September 2017 06:17 AM

Flickering Issues with Papaer Mario
Hey guys I'm new to Project 64, I've been playing Paper mario for my stream and i've been having some issues, Aside from the resolution not working to a 16:9 aspect ratio I've been having issues with Merlons Room. Everytime I try to talk to the character or go into their house Insane Flickering happens, I Cant seem to find a fix for this and if anyone can guide me on how to work that'd be awesome, I've tried changing the video plugin, and one of two errors happen. It'll say Failed to Initiate GFX I believe, and the second one doesnt let me save the settings for a good RES. If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated

theboy181 14th September 2017 01:47 AM

I have some time this next hour to have a look. Can you tell me what plugins and settings you are using? A save state may be helpful so I can test too.

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