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retroben 1st December 2016 07:00 PM

Can't tell ya how sorry I am,but it will take a few days for me to recover from this one.
I felt limp and sore the first day,now I am bloated feeling and moving slow while struggling to breathe due to the bloat,hopefully I will fully recover in the next few days.
This really sux.

When you want to haxorz codes,but your days keep succ. :eek:

ExtremeDude2 1st December 2016 08:36 PM

This is why you shouldn't be so fat.

retroben 1st December 2016 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by ExtremeDude2 (Post 67189)
This is why you shouldn't be so fat. :p

As much as I was getting sick before,you could say I was purging unintentionally.

Frank74 2nd December 2016 01:11 AM

I'm guessing retroben isn't from USA, so being fat isn't normal. Yet you're being barracked by someone from the USA, where body mass is 10x the rest of the world. Everything is BIGGER IN AMERICA, especially the ego.

I have Crohn's disease, which means i'm incredibly skinny. Doesn't affect me though. I still compete at world class pool.

retroben 2nd December 2016 01:30 AM

I only weigh 136-147 pounds as of a fairly recent check,147 on Winn Dixie's scale.
Normally,I was in the 120s some years ago,but now I can't seem to get that light anymore and I felt stronger when I was that light. :(
(back then,I wasn't as much of a lazy f*** sitting around most of the day)

Murka and in the southern/redneck stereotype state mentioned in some songs including Weird Al's "Constipated" as the parody of Complicated and the Black Betty (1977) song.

Da moar u kno. *

HatCat 2nd December 2016 02:20 AM

I highly doubt retroben is from anywhere other than the USA unless you think he isn't incredibly autistic.

And if somebody could get his fat ass to join IRC we would know for sure.

Frank74 2nd December 2016 03:32 AM

136-147 pounds, sounds about ok to me. In English that's about 10 stone. About the ideal weight for someone 5'8". That's five feet eight inches in English.

retroben 2nd December 2016 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by HatCat (Post 67197)
I highly doubt retroben is from anywhere other than the USA unless you think he isn't incredibly autistic.

Dis' place for those with autism,no normies! :eek:

Edit: Feel like garbage again today,tell Danny Devito to take me outside with the rest of the TRESH.

Edit 2: Had some moderate pain again for a while,but now I am starting to feel better from that at least,hopefully this won't last for 1-2 weeks like an actual stomach virus does in your system.

stryfe1986 6th December 2016 01:13 AM

im new to this scene bro, just chiming in hoping you get better man, meanwhile going to try an get as far as i can on Paper Mario while you work on getting them codez!

retroben 6th December 2016 06:19 AM

To think I had a headache today because of rainy weather after a drought,so I had to make Smash Bros. codes instead since the straight-forward method of code hunting takes a lot less energy.

These actual hunts for 60fps codes take so much more energy because the method is to pinpoint values in several searches until I manage to find something.

Posting the Smash codes in a few moments now.

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