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retroben 7th December 2016 08:09 PM

Truly sorry for what I am about to tell y'all.
I will probably put this idea on hold for a little while because it is supposed to get REALLY cold for a week or longer to the point I can easily get cold-numbed hands and very sleepy feeling from how cold it can get.

I do have a snazzy Vornado mini-heater w/fan that works incredibly well for my small room,but that may not be good enough to fight the issues.
So you will likely see me doing the less tense code hunts for now,expect more Super Smash Bros. codes for these days.

retroben 13th December 2016 04:35 PM

Actually feeling sick with a cold now,so I am waiting until I get better and until its no longer as cold before I even try to get back to this more stressful task.
I may still do the usual random new codes as I have been doing if I feel decent and have trouble sleeping.

HatCat 30th December 2016 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by retroben (Post 67200)
Dis' place for those with autism,no normies!

retroben 30th December 2016 06:54 AM

HatCat 4th January 2017 01:19 AM

That would be golden if I could hear audio on

Seems I've accidentally killed my sound output driver's support in web browsers (but not my local operating system music players) by turning off PulseAudio for ALSA.

retroben 4th January 2017 04:32 AM

Why does someone so technologically and mathematically skilled put up with so much tech torture? :(
It just doesn't add up. :p *bah-dum tsss*

Hmm...I wonder if you could ironically record the audio despite it not playing in the browser?

HatCat 5th January 2017 12:53 AM

It's simply tech torture because it's easy to break things when changing the configuration to my liking. I'm perfectly fine with that as long as it's my fault and not the distribution's fault or Linux's. So if it's my fault for breaking them I can learn from un-breaking them and keep an even more stable system running.

Yeah audio record probably would have worked. PulseAudio is just needed for that bluetooth audio crap which I don't know anything about. I had to turn off ALSA's redirection to PA and upgrade SeaMonkey and now your video works with the audio. lol I think I've heard this vid before

retroben 5th January 2017 04:02 AM

Funny you should mention bluetooth,its being a huge PITA for me because of several Windows 10 (Losedows is more like it) bugs preventing it from being discoverable,(missing toggle buttons,Airplane Mode stuck but wifi works,and the discoverability setting won't save because of an error after hitting apply) meaning I can't take full advantage of some wireless earbuds I got today unless I get lucky and find the registry hack to toggle some settings,as I have tried everything else reasonable.

The worst thing I would have to try is to uninstall a bunch of stuff and/or remove the laptop's battery to make some other things reset.

HatCat 6th January 2017 02:25 AM

wtf is bluetooth anyway? Some retarded dentistry program?

If I have internets, I have internets. That's all that matters, for trolling you guys anyway. wtf is this "bluetooth audio" networking crap PulseAudio requires and who honestly needs it

retroben 23rd March 2017 08:55 PM

I managed to find what was considered to be impossible.

Mario Kart 64 (U)

Sixty Frames (1P Mode)
80000FE3 0000
800014CF 0001
Use other equivalent ASM hacks on 01 as their values instead of 02 for fixed 60fps pace in other modes.

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