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retroben 26th November 2016 03:53 AM

My 60fps Compendium
I am trying to get 60fps codes for as many games as I can,here is the current results.

Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage (U)

Lagfix High Rez
800D7F16 000D

Lagfix Lo Res
800E5392 000D
Game natively runs 60fps already,just needed that extra push.

Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M (U)

Sixty Hack
800F8697 0001
800F87CF 0001
800F8907 0001

Big Mountain 2000 (U)

8012CF52 000D
Smoother 30fps only. :(

Dual Heroes (U)

8002E692 000D
(fixes horrendous load-times,still 30fps)

Excitebike 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
800CDD6F 0000
Use Glide64 while hoping for full speed.

Forsaken 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
800233C3 0001

80028E22 000D

Iggy's Reckin' Balls (U)

Fast Sixty
800FF71F 0001
800FF7B7 0001
800FF84F 0001
Too fast.

Mistawani 27th November 2016 02:52 AM

retroben u are the most useful guy in the n64 emulator scene. thank you so much

retroben 27th November 2016 03:29 AM

Thanks. :p

HatCat 27th November 2016 03:35 AM

That's retroben for ya.

Reversing cheat codes to change what bots post on the forum instead of just coding a bot himself.

ExtremeDude2 28th November 2016 01:13 AM

lmao, you got tricked by a bot XD

retroben 28th November 2016 01:40 AM

Bee-bee-boo-bop, bee-bee-boo-beep.

Bomberman Hero (U)

8004A822 000D
For consistent 60fps.

Madden Football 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
8007130D 0001
Animations still choppy,especially the title screen.

Mega Man 64 (U)

WTF? Sixty?!?
800D1013 0001
800D1043 0001
Too fast,uses the game rate addresses that are oddly defaulted to 02 this time,so Mega Man 64 actually runs at half speed.
Stunning to see a game natively do this by default,audio stays the same but gets cut short due to faster speeds.
This needs a slowdown code to accompany its overly-fastness.

Nightmare Creatures (U)

810C24B2 041A
Makes it stay at 60fps more,set CounterFactor/CountPerOp to 1.

S.C.A.R.S (U)

Sixty Frames (odd again)
802ADD4B 0001
802ADD7B 0001
Too fast like the other one,tis' a shame. :(

Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (U) (V1.0)

Sixty Frames
800F9FE7 0001
800FA177 0001
800FA307 0001
Too fast. *sigh*

Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (U)

Sixty Frames
8013D9E7 0001
8013DB1F 0001
Also too fast but looks amazing,sorry no Turok 2 code yet if I can even find it.

bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-beep.
Bee-boo-boo-boo-boo-bop, bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bee-bop?
Not bee-boo-boo-beep? Bop? Beep? Boo-boo-bop?

EDIT: Turok's real 60fps codes are on this linked post.

retroben 29th November 2016 02:35 AM

Response: Why don't you ask me later.

F-1 Pole Position 64 (U)

Sixty Frames
800B0147 0001
Too fast.

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Sixty Frames
80031D27 0001
Changes an ASM value,too fast.

Gex 64 - Enter the Gecko (U)

Sixty Frames
8003B8FB 0001
Change ASM value,too fast.

Killer Instinct Gold (U) (V1.0)

Always 60fps
D029571F 0002
8029571F 0001
Intro with N logo is at 60fps now! Why is it a pointer address?!?

NHL 99 (U)

Sixty Frames
80019127 0002
Another ASM hack,too fast possibly?

Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (U)

Sixty Frames
800F6DD7 0001
800F6F17 0001
800F7057 0001
Too fast but looks amazing.

Get welded! I am SpongeTron! (or am I Turok?)

Frank74 29th November 2016 03:37 AM

Knife Edge - Nose Gunner (U), needs a slow down code. It's unplayable at full pelt.

retroben 29th November 2016 08:12 AM

I can try to look for it again,but I can't promise that I will find it,the only result I could hope for is a code like Banjo-Tooie's frame-by-frame code which smooths out lagging (Sonic 06' style slowdown) instead of dropping frames,then it could be combined with the VI rate code (lagfix) on a low value or a lowered VI Refresh Rate setting to hopefully slow it down enough so it runs at a playable state.

retroben 30th November 2016 03:54 AM

Cruddy results today,should've done Smash codes instead.

Asteroids Hyper 64 (U)

Framerate Speed?
8006DE5F 00xx
01=Half (15fps)

Sixty Frames
80081FD3 0001
80082003 0001
Uses other address to make it "full" speed too fast 60fps but really fun.

Fox Sports College Hoops '99 (U)

Sixty Frames
8008E1CF 00xx
Too fast.
04=15fps (why would you)

Freezing Mod?
8008E1CB 00xx
00=Prevents Freezing? (unfreezes 30fps)
01=Prevents Freezing?
02=Not Freezing?
03=Freezes 20fps
12=Causes Freezing? (until using 01)

I will get to Knife Edge in the next few days to see if I can find something.

Edit: Got sick but it was my own fault,so its not my original painful sickness coming back,I am weak and aching from this one after tossing one.

retroben 1st December 2016 07:00 PM

Can't tell ya how sorry I am,but it will take a few days for me to recover from this one.
I felt limp and sore the first day,now I am bloated feeling and moving slow while struggling to breathe due to the bloat,hopefully I will fully recover in the next few days.
This really sux.

When you want to haxorz codes,but your days keep succ. :eek:

ExtremeDude2 1st December 2016 08:36 PM

This is why you shouldn't be so fat.

retroben 1st December 2016 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by ExtremeDude2 (Post 67189)
This is why you shouldn't be so fat. :p

As much as I was getting sick before,you could say I was purging unintentionally.

Frank74 2nd December 2016 01:11 AM

I'm guessing retroben isn't from USA, so being fat isn't normal. Yet you're being barracked by someone from the USA, where body mass is 10x the rest of the world. Everything is BIGGER IN AMERICA, especially the ego.

I have Crohn's disease, which means i'm incredibly skinny. Doesn't affect me though. I still compete at world class pool.

retroben 2nd December 2016 01:30 AM

I only weigh 136-147 pounds as of a fairly recent check,147 on Winn Dixie's scale.
Normally,I was in the 120s some years ago,but now I can't seem to get that light anymore and I felt stronger when I was that light. :(
(back then,I wasn't as much of a lazy f*** sitting around most of the day)

Murka and in the southern/redneck stereotype state mentioned in some songs including Weird Al's "Constipated" as the parody of Complicated and the Black Betty (1977) song.

Da moar u kno. *

HatCat 2nd December 2016 02:20 AM

I highly doubt retroben is from anywhere other than the USA unless you think he isn't incredibly autistic.

And if somebody could get his fat ass to join IRC we would know for sure.

Frank74 2nd December 2016 03:32 AM

136-147 pounds, sounds about ok to me. In English that's about 10 stone. About the ideal weight for someone 5'8". That's five feet eight inches in English.

retroben 2nd December 2016 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by HatCat (Post 67197)
I highly doubt retroben is from anywhere other than the USA unless you think he isn't incredibly autistic.

Dis' place for those with autism,no normies! :eek:

Edit: Feel like garbage again today,tell Danny Devito to take me outside with the rest of the TRESH.

Edit 2: Had some moderate pain again for a while,but now I am starting to feel better from that at least,hopefully this won't last for 1-2 weeks like an actual stomach virus does in your system.

stryfe1986 6th December 2016 01:13 AM

im new to this scene bro, just chiming in hoping you get better man, meanwhile going to try an get as far as i can on Paper Mario while you work on getting them codez!

retroben 6th December 2016 06:19 AM

To think I had a headache today because of rainy weather after a drought,so I had to make Smash Bros. codes instead since the straight-forward method of code hunting takes a lot less energy.

These actual hunts for 60fps codes take so much more energy because the method is to pinpoint values in several searches until I manage to find something.

Posting the Smash codes in a few moments now.

retroben 7th December 2016 08:09 PM

Truly sorry for what I am about to tell y'all.
I will probably put this idea on hold for a little while because it is supposed to get REALLY cold for a week or longer to the point I can easily get cold-numbed hands and very sleepy feeling from how cold it can get.

I do have a snazzy Vornado mini-heater w/fan that works incredibly well for my small room,but that may not be good enough to fight the issues.
So you will likely see me doing the less tense code hunts for now,expect more Super Smash Bros. codes for these days.

retroben 13th December 2016 04:35 PM

Actually feeling sick with a cold now,so I am waiting until I get better and until its no longer as cold before I even try to get back to this more stressful task.
I may still do the usual random new codes as I have been doing if I feel decent and have trouble sleeping.

HatCat 30th December 2016 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by retroben (Post 67200)
Dis' place for those with autism,no normies!

retroben 30th December 2016 06:54 AM

HatCat 4th January 2017 01:19 AM

That would be golden if I could hear audio on

Seems I've accidentally killed my sound output driver's support in web browsers (but not my local operating system music players) by turning off PulseAudio for ALSA.

retroben 4th January 2017 04:32 AM

Why does someone so technologically and mathematically skilled put up with so much tech torture? :(
It just doesn't add up. :p *bah-dum tsss*

Hmm...I wonder if you could ironically record the audio despite it not playing in the browser?

HatCat 5th January 2017 12:53 AM

It's simply tech torture because it's easy to break things when changing the configuration to my liking. I'm perfectly fine with that as long as it's my fault and not the distribution's fault or Linux's. So if it's my fault for breaking them I can learn from un-breaking them and keep an even more stable system running.

Yeah audio record probably would have worked. PulseAudio is just needed for that bluetooth audio crap which I don't know anything about. I had to turn off ALSA's redirection to PA and upgrade SeaMonkey and now your video works with the audio. lol I think I've heard this vid before

retroben 5th January 2017 04:02 AM

Funny you should mention bluetooth,its being a huge PITA for me because of several Windows 10 (Losedows is more like it) bugs preventing it from being discoverable,(missing toggle buttons,Airplane Mode stuck but wifi works,and the discoverability setting won't save because of an error after hitting apply) meaning I can't take full advantage of some wireless earbuds I got today unless I get lucky and find the registry hack to toggle some settings,as I have tried everything else reasonable.

The worst thing I would have to try is to uninstall a bunch of stuff and/or remove the laptop's battery to make some other things reset.

HatCat 6th January 2017 02:25 AM

wtf is bluetooth anyway? Some retarded dentistry program?

If I have internets, I have internets. That's all that matters, for trolling you guys anyway. wtf is this "bluetooth audio" networking crap PulseAudio requires and who honestly needs it

retroben 23rd March 2017 08:55 PM

I managed to find what was considered to be impossible.

Mario Kart 64 (U)

Sixty Frames (1P Mode)
80000FE3 0000
800014CF 0001
Use other equivalent ASM hacks on 01 as their values instead of 02 for fixed 60fps pace in other modes.

theboy181 23rd March 2017 11:52 PM

60 FPS all modes
MK 64 (WIP 60 FPS hack)

81001890 2419
81001892 0001
81001894 2419
81001896 0001
80000FE3 0000
800014CF 0001
81001C90 240A
81001C92 0001
81001C94 240A
81001C96 0001
81001A38 2409
81001A3A 0001
81001A3C 2409
81001A3E 0001
80122CBB 001C or 0003C (not confirmed)

Thanks to retroben, Nintendo VC, and Sullivan - the 60FPS codes finally get their spotlight.

There are still places that the pacing needs to be addressed, and I am hoping that some debugging will eliminate some of the length of this code.

End credits, and winning cup play at double speed.

Great day to be interested in 60FPS cheats!! retroben ROCKS!!

retroben 25th March 2017 05:52 AM

Another miracle just a day after MKart,now DKR has 60fps! :D

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Sixty Frames
80079A2B 0003
May freeze at some points,physics can get wonky with slopes on both codes.

Alt Sixty Frames
80079A2A 0003
A friend informed me this didn't freeze.

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.1)

Sixty Frames
80079E7B 0003
Same but for 1.1 as the primary test version.

Alt Sixty Frames
80079E7A 0003
Same as above notes.

retroben 29th March 2017 04:16 AM

Mickey's Speedway USA (U)

These require Counter Factor 1 to work properly.
I recommend setting the VI Refresh Rate to 2200 or 3000 for a smoother experience.

Sixty Frames (simplified)
8003137F 0004
800D2F9C 0001
Sadly prone to crashing normally,needs Interpreter to avoid the known crashes.

Sixty Frames (smoother?)
8003137F 0004
80033E0B 0000
8007A24B 0001
800D2F9C 0001
Also prone to the same crashes,so use Interpreter to avoid those.
Forces pacing to run closer to frame-by-frame instead of going faster on lag.

retroben 30th March 2017 03:02 AM


Turok Dinosaur Hunter (U) (V1.0)

Sixty Frames
8000A13F 0001
8000A2FF 0001
8000A68F 0001

Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (U)

Sixty Frames
80087CE7 0001
80087D6B 0001
80087E3B 0001
80087F37 0001
80087FBB 0001

Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (U)

Sixty Frames
8008590B 0001
800859D7 0001
Seems Turok 3 doesn't use 20fps.

Honorable mention:

Monopoly (U)

Double Frames
8002ADAB 0001
Sadly only 30fps when playing but at least its not the SLOW 15fps rate.

Edit: Turok 2 multiplayer fix added.

Frank74 4th April 2017 01:53 PM

On your next 60fps code hunt, could you look at Body Harvest? It runs at 20fps in game, 60fps on the title/intro.

retroben 4th April 2017 08:29 PM

Sorry,I have actually been trying that game for a while,but the best I could get was one that runs too fast as per usual with many games.

But its a cheap hack with five lines changing a set of 03E00008 to 03E00004 in order to make it work,will edit the post sooner or later with that code for testing... ;)


Body Harvest (U)

Sixty Frames WIP?
8001B48F 0004
8001B497 0004
8001B49F 0004
8001B4A7 0004
8001B4AF 0004
Too fast but looks nice I guess.

Frank74 5th April 2017 02:03 PM

Doesn't work in Project64 2.4 here, FPS still stuck at 20 in game.

retroben 5th April 2017 04:57 PM

If "Protect Memory" is on,try disabling that on 2.4,as 1.7 defaults to it being off and that option kills ASM code access for some reason.

Otherwise,try Interpreter to see if anything looks different,or I assume you are already on Interpreter because of the collision issues this game's emulation is known for.

Edit: I am able to activate/deactivate it in real-time via memory viewer on 1.7 when on Recompiler by changing one of the 04s to 08 and back again,so its seems to most likely be another case of Protect Memory being on.

Frank74 5th April 2017 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by retroben (Post 69718)
If "Protect Memory" is on,try disabling that on 2.4,as 1.7 defaults to it being off and that option kills ASM code access for some reason.

Otherwise,try Interpreter to see if anything looks different,or I assume you are already on Interpreter because of the collision issues this game's emulation is known for.

Edit: I am able to activate/deactivate it in real-time via memory viewer on 1.7 when on Recompiler by changing one of the 04s to 08 and back again,so its seems to most likely be another case of Protect Memory being on.

Protect Memory is off by default in 2.4.

I'm not using Interpreter as game is 99.99% perfect collision with GLideN64 since about 3 weeks (Interpreter never helped anyway). I got upto America level without any problems with collision detection. Get the latest WIP here, and it's finally fully playable. No more collision detection problems.

The only option I've changed is FAT off. I'm using my own build of Azimer's new audio code with an added option to disable audio thread sleep, which really helps the 60fps hacks be much smoother video with Intel graphics. I check all options in audio plugin. You can try my build here. FAT must be off for body harvest.

retroben 6th April 2017 12:18 AM

I literally just added the code and it works upon starting the game with it already enabled and not changing a single setting other than enabling debugger which I had disabled for some reason.
Also tested with debugger disabled and after closing then re-opening it first.
Really not sure why its failing for you unless you enabled the code with the game already running which is what any later PJ64 version despises.

You will need to enable the code from "edit cheats" in order to make sure it works as intended.
Its not gonna be full 60fps because of lag and its too fast for normal gameplay speeds.

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