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towboater68 12th August 2019 11:51 PM

d pad not working
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I am new to project64 and yes i did donate lol.. I bought an xbox controller just for this and after reading some i can get it working (kinda) plugged in but not wirelessly BUT even when plugged in the dpad or sticks wont work and im using the newest version and the (PJ64_NRage.dll) that came with it. The dpad works in the menu like to move around and select players and the buttons work BUT in game like Mario Cart once i get in game he won't steer... i attached a pic of the config screen. please advise

ExtremeDude2 13th August 2019 03:05 AM

You can't play most games using the D-pad, you need to use the Analog stick.

towboater68 13th August 2019 03:08 AM

The stick isn't working either.. the stick and pad work in menu.. I can go left,right,up and down with both stick and dpad in menu to select player but once in game only the buttons work.

towboater68 13th August 2019 02:21 PM

got it working, had to change setting to analog stick..

Prom-Electric 21st August 2019 12:02 PM

d pad not working

Whenever I open the sidebar with Y on my controller and try to navigate menus with D-PAD up/down, left/right its like the game doesnt acknowledge Im in the menu... so if I press right it tries to open comms, if I press left it activates auto-pilot etc..

How can I fix that?

ExtremeDude2 2nd December 2019 11:36 PM

You need to use the analog stick, you can't use the d-pad to steer.

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