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EvaFanz 31st December 2019 03:50 PM

Eva64 save issue plz halp
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Greetings kind sirs / madams,

Back in 2001 a friend gave me a copy of Evangelion 64 complete with the PJ64 v1.5 flat emulator. It remained on a disc until July of this year until I moved into my new house. Several friends and I installed and nearly completed the game and saved our progress on win 7, 64bit. Recently I upgraded to win 10 and we have attempted to resume our game however the game is not recognizing our *.eep file. When saving a new game it saves as a *.jp does anyone know how to get the game too recognise the old *.eep or convert too *.jp or if it had just saves somewhere random?

Kind regards,
The EvaFanz

ExtremeDude2 2nd January 2020 02:26 PM

Where are you looking at the save files? I'm not sure what a .jp is.

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