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ndroftheline 4th May 2020 06:32 PM

Hangs on game launch or controller config, plugin initialization problem?
Hey all,

Thanks for this project, I have used Project64 many times over the years and I am a donor regardless of this issue.

I'm currently running on a Haswell generation machine with a GTX 750ti on Windows 10 Pro with latest security patches, and a playstation sixaxis controller connected via USB and ScpToolkit to map it to an xbox360 controller. Project64 version is, the latest stable release from the downloads page.

When I restart my machine, Project64 launches and plays just fine, and I have all my mappings set up the way I'd like them. I play casually for a little while; I am able to launch different titles, play them, no trouble. Then quit the emulator, and when I go to try and re-launch a game, the UI hangs with "Plugin initializing" in the status field in the bottom left corner. It never appears to recover.


Thanks again.

ExtremeDude2 7th May 2020 11:36 AM

What plugins are you using?

ndroftheline 23rd May 2020 07:42 PM

just the defaults that come pre-installed:

Video (graphics) plugin:
Jabo's Direct3D8

Audio (sound) plugin:
Jabo's DirectSound

Input (controller) plugin:
N-Rage For PJ64:

RSP (Reality Signal Processor) plugin:
RSP Plugin

Graphics HLE is checked, Audio HLE is unchecked.

ndroftheline 23rd May 2020 07:47 PM

Ah, sorry I didn't update this post earlier but I discovered something to narrow it down a fair bit, which is that I get a similar hang, where Project64 must be manually terminated and generates a crash report to microsoft, when I click Options > Configure Controller Plugin... Immediately seems to crash it.

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