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pinkmario 15th March 2018 01:25 AM

Plugins taking long time to initialise
Hi there, I have the same issue mentioned in this thread:
I tried to google older versions of Nrage but I can't find any links anywhere.

Here's my tech info:

Win7 x64
i7 920

The peripheral I'm using is a PS3 controller. Third party software is Scptoolkit.

The strange thing is P64 was opening games instantly a few weeks ago. But for some reason today it's taking a really long time.

Timed tests:
Test 1: 1 min 25 sec
Test 2: 1 min 25 sec
Test 3: 1 min 25 sec

So it's presumably taking exactly 1 min 25 seconds each time P64 is first started. However, if I end emulation and select a new rom without closing P64, they all open instantly.

Since the last time it was working, I haven't changed hardware settings.

If you need more info or know of a fix, please let me know.:)

Edit: Reinstalling brought it down to 5 seconds. Maybe it was just corrupt data or something.

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