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zilmar 11th January 2015 10:14 PM

Project64 source code
the repository for the source code is at:

zilmar 11th January 2015 10:16 PM

there is also the ability to add bugs there

for bugs that I can work on to fix they probably should go there, cause I can not remember what bugs actually need to be fixed.

Please note this does not cover any graphics bugs, just the core emu/rsp compiler.

HatCat 12th January 2015 01:00 AM

I wish you luck with your project and hope you will attract the social teamwork necessary to help you.

zilmar 12th January 2015 01:38 AM

it has the chance for it but I doubt I will. I had it in git anyway in a private repository that was before the release now it is released no reason to have the private one, might as well be on git hub.

Not to mention at times I come back and look at things and go what are the issues again.

HatCat 12th January 2015 02:05 AM

To be honest I don't feel that it will attract the attention, but I'm sure that some people will want to come forward.

I know Azimer was still talking about contributing some stuff to audio, but then he definitely switched back to life mode for the time.
We were just talking about modifying the audio specs for some of our own reasons, but he knows much more.

Predator82 12th January 2015 11:11 AM

There´s a pull request on git
Is this tested & comes soon?

HatCat 13th January 2015 06:05 PM

Nothing personal, but that is one pull request I would not want to accept in any repo.

See, this is a challenging aspect of open-source: Organization. You must be very detailed to have an organized, documented tree of source feedback. If you don't, then it's just, "My code is improved over your code; therefore you should merge it." If not done healthily, it's possible for open-source to expose more arrogance than what could have happened in closed-source. (That being said, it's a moot discussion mostly since zilmar only published the public Git repository since there is no longer a need for the private one anyway at this point, not because he's targeting open-source principles.)

If you look at that PR you'll see commits of various types (compatibility fixes, optimizations, accuracy "changes") all mixed together in one pull request. I think zilmar shouldn't merge that--not because the changes are bad, but because it's too ambiguous. He cannot verify the solidity of all of those changes of different types in an efficient amount of time, and there is NO explanation on the PR.

I recommend taking it slower! When I started sending pull requests I did maybe 1 or 2 commit at a time, both of strongly related commit reasons (like easy compiler warning fixes), and avoided changing too much code. The more code you change in each single pull request, the more challenging it will be for Mr. zilmar to understand the safety and equivalence of that algorithm to the stability of the original one. If fixing/improve stability you should comment a lot about that in the PR and not use lazy commit names.

zilmar 13th January 2015 06:28 PM

I might commit it, I might not, it is not something easy to just say yes to, I need to be able spend some time and make sure every single line change is accurate.

if they all are and I have had the time to verify it then I can accept it, if one of them is wrong, then it will need updating, hopefully today I will get some time to better look at it.

HatCat 13th January 2015 06:47 PM

I believe the one who made that PR, LegendOfDragoon/AIO/RPGMaster, IIRC should have the time to try to reorganize that PR if it's not too inconvenient for him.

Open-source is tricky: It should be segmented into small, micro-steps solving micro-goals, to achieve one ultimate goal, kind of like coding itself. But then you have to weigh...even if the person is inexperienced, these are some very valuable changes that I might be missing out on if he doesn't feel like organizing them. But I wouldn't put a rush on merging it in its current condition.

HatCat 15th January 2015 02:52 PM


Bin/Inno Setup/Project64_Bundle.exe
deleted file mode 100644
Binary files a/Bin/Inno Setup/Project64_Bundle.exe and /dev/null differ

lul. First time I got the project64 repository from GitHub, and already Microsoft Security Essentials starts wiping the file just as I'm cloning it from

Well w/e, doesn't really matter if I'm just trying to get/build the EXE anyway since I lost the emulator.
To be honest I have never tried building before...I hope it's not hard and/or full of warnings. :o

[Edit] Nope, fails to load all the files in VS2010. Only the VS2008 makefile works. Guess I stick to the beta downloads page.

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