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Fangzero 5th April 2009 09:06 PM

Graphic issues with some games.
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I seem to have issues with graphics in some games. I was going through several plug-ins to get the video to work, RiceVideo Plug-in seems to work the best for me as most games I play work fine with it. But some games (Pokemon stadium, vigilante 8) Still have graphic issues. Pokemon stadium plays but the selection graphics are Garbaged up and on vigilante 8 You can't see anything at all, but you can hear sound. Is there any better graphics plug-in or settings i should Adjust? I attached a Screenshot of what I'm talking about for Graphics issues.

My machine is a custom made if that helps any.
-Pentium IV 1.6ghz
-512mb Ram
-32mb nvidia MX 100/200 Graphics card

Currently I'm using for plug-ins are:
-MudLord's Rice video build 6.1.4 for Graphics
-Azimer's HLE Audio v0.56 WIP 2 for Audio
-and N-Rage's Direct input8 V2 1.83 for Controller.

Thanks in Advance.

omegadox 5th April 2009 10:10 PM

Hmm, have you try enabling any "Copy Framebuffer to RDRAM", it looks the game is drawing textures copied from something, but that something is empty.

Fangzero 5th April 2009 10:15 PM

I do not see that option with the Plug-in I listed.

Fangzero 5th April 2009 10:26 PM

Well i think i solved the pokemon Stadium Problem, I changed Rendering to texture from Defualt(None) To Basic Render to Texture. I'll have to test it with the other games. It Works on Pokemon Stadium at least. Now i got to figure out why my Pokemon Red Rom for GB shows up as ?????? when picking it on Stadium. hehe

HatCat 6th April 2009 02:08 AM

Glad you have learned a bit about the configuration yourself.

The following is set for mudlord's RiceVideo bundle.


Which means the basic rendering-to-texture I already had set. The CRCs or regional code of your copy did not match what was in the header here.

Fangzero 6th April 2009 02:25 AM

Well I apprently get the hang of things quick. I fixed the issue with the ????? when using the Transfer pak with a save file, I had to export it from visual boy advance rather then just copying the save. Also works with rockboy on rockbox if anyone uses that.
Vigilante 8 Still won't work even with the changes i did.(Like i did with Pokemon Stadium) I can hear the music but Nothing ever shows up on that game.
Back to the Stadium, I'm assuming because it isn't implemented yet in Project64 but the game freezes when going the the GB Tower on Pokemon Stadium. Any idea how that works?

Thanks for the advice i have been given so far. I usually find what i'm looking for without posting. but it's all good. :)

HatCat 6th April 2009 02:29 AM

The best that can be done with Vigilante 8 is use Jabo's Direct3D plug-in. Change those plug-ins using setting "Settings..." from the menu "Options".

Try doing this for Pokemon Stadium 2 just to see if the game freeze is caused by the graphics plug-in or Project64.

Fangzero 6th April 2009 02:37 AM

Pokemon Stadium 2 also Feezes when going to the GB tower. On both Jabo's and Mudlord's

Vigilante 8 runs at 9fps during game play. When using Jabo's, "Copy Framebuffer to RDRAM" just makes it slower overall but more stuff appears.

HatCat 6th April 2009 02:58 AM

Make sure advanced settings are not hidden (Options:Settings...).
Right-click your installation of Pokemon Stadium 2, and try changing some settings here. First test the self-modifying code method option descending from the setting "Protect Memory". You might also need to see if changing cores from the re-compiler to the interpreter is needed to bypass this hang.

Vigilante 8 has known issues and is probably better off without frame buffer emulation attempts.

Fangzero 6th April 2009 03:40 AM

Ok This what happen at each setting:

-Defualt = Project 64 Crashes
-None = Loops intro
-Cache = Loops Twice then Crashes
-Protect Memory = Hangs at GB tower
-Check Memory & Cache = Crashes
-Change Memory & Cache = Crashes
-Check Memory Advance = Crashes

-Defualt = Hangs at GB tower
-None = Hangs at GB tower
-Cache = Hangs at GB tower
-Protect Memory = Hangs at GB tower
-Check Memory & Cache = Hangs at GB tower
-Change Memory & Cache = Hangs at GB tower
-Check Memory Advance = Hangs at GB tower

Looks Like it might just be Project 64. Maybe it needs some help emulating GB within a N64 Game or something?

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