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Oppie 24th February 2017 02:45 AM

Banjo Tooie is completely "dead"
I used a cheat for All Moves, it didn't work, so i tried to restart the game. Blackscreen and no sound (broken game to be exact). I installed the PAL version and i could play, tried to use a cheat and it died again. And my save files dissapeared from the folder... :confused:

retroben 24th February 2017 04:17 AM

The list with those lacks the required master code in order to function.
Stupid mistake on their part.

Here it is with a (rather old) example code for NTSC.

81092BE0 0804
81092BE2 8000
81120200 03E0
81120202 0008

Never Slide On Slopes
81120000 3C0E
81120002 0000
81120004 AC8E
81120006 07C8
Requires the master code.

You can only use one of these codes at a time unless
using 8112 0010/0012/0014/0016 for another one with less reliability in real-time.

Here is a neat code to change the Breegull Bash image once you get the secrets found and unlocked for access to the attack.

These codes may not work as well in some versions of PJ64,or with some settings that the game has by default.
Take note of the defaults before tinkering with them so you don't get stuck with bad settings.

Oppie 24th February 2017 09:10 PM

Yeah RIP
The game is permanently dead apparently... not even the intro shows up, just a blackscreen. I tried those master codes on my older PC and they worked anyways.

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