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jaygarxp 13th September 2017 05:07 PM

Save State Mix Tape
I want to make a mixtape of games, I want to seamlessly jump from save state within one game to another saved state of another game.

I got the idea from making saves before bosses then playing them all in a row, and thought it would be cool if the highlights from many games could be gathered and presented like a mixtape.

Can anybody point me in the right direction for how to make this happen? Right now I'm trying to write a script that uses the keyboard shortcuts to load savestates on a timer from the same game. Eventually I want to be able to have multiple games and branching logic determining which state is 'jumped' to. Is this possible with Project64? Thanks if anybody reads this or has any ideas at all!

theboy181 14th September 2017 01:44 AM

neat idea. I think it will be hard to make this work across games, but a boss battle save feature would be possible with a script.

I think BizHawk is more suited for this than PJ though.

Have you thought about using ASM hacks, or cheat codes to achieve this boss battle idea? SM64 has a huge amount of documented memory locations, and could be a great place to start.

Aaronbloxy 19th September 2017 10:11 AM

Save State Mix Tape
is there save state in jpcsp ?
by the way i want to get full speed of jpcsp .
what is the best configs to do so??

ExtremeDude2 6th November 2017 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by Aaronbloxy (Post 71950)
is there save state in jpcsp ?
by the way i want to get full speed of jpcsp .
what is the best configs to do so??

Probably, but this isn't the place to ask.

HatCat 2nd December 2017 06:25 AM

You're better off recording a Kaillera video or whatever or maybe a Mupen64 recording format video. Both video formats just store all the keystrokes rather than video frames.

If you really "need" saved states and not key log recordings (due to modifications like disabling/enabling GameShark codes in the middle of game play or whatever), just record an AVI or something.

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