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tomokok69 23rd November 2014 11:43 PM

N-rage plugin freezing up the menu
For a while I've been having a hard time playing games with a controller because of the program's lack of being able to track sensitivity. (in case some of you have no idea what that means. Do you remember on the real console if you barely tilt the stick mario would walk instead of breaking out into a complete run like if you tilt the stick all the way? traditionally the emulator would count the slightest tilt as a full tilt, meaning no sensitivity function.)

I've found the answer to my problem by assigning mouse movements to my controller's stick and then assigning those mouse movements in the n-rage plugin, however as soon as the emulation begins it dedicates the mouse actions solely to the game and it does not process any mouse clicks outside the game or even when you go back to the rom directory menu of the emulator. It does not cease this until you shut the emulator down completely via Alt-F4 or task manager.

I have even tried setting the default plugin to the jabo standard and then setting the n-rage plugin to only be active when a certain game is being emulated. it still freezes up my mouse function until I exit the program entirely.

This is quite a predicament because having sensitivity livens up the experience and makes games control a lot better however i would like to be able to switch between games or even check something on the internet without having to close the program entirely. Please help.

tomokok69 24th November 2014 12:04 AM

quick update. I used a different configuration without the use of the mouse and it still freezes up the mouse function.

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