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Marklanchvar32 3rd June 2019 04:39 AM

Mario artist polygon studio
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When I try to select single object, the game thinks I selects all. The English translation romhack I play is by luigiblood. Tell me the solution please. Before pressing A:Attachment 1739 First picture, After pressing A:Attachment 1740Second picture

retroben 3rd June 2019 07:24 PM

You have to use accurate plugins and settings to make that game work correctly,thus ending up with slow performance unless you are on a powerful enough rig.

LLE graphics is needed,so you need Angrylion (disable HLE graphics in "edit game settings" ... somehow,might need to painfully disable HLE globally then edit the game settings when already running it to fix it up)

Use Angrylion as the gfx plugin and use interpreter to make things work correctly.
Hopefully GLideN64 could eventually make it work correctly in HLE.

(can't remember if interpreter is actually required or not)

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