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FrizzyIsMe 2nd May 2020 06:18 PM

Wireless Xbox One controller issue
I used to use this emulator with a ps4 controller via wire, but i decided to buy an Xbox controller for use with my pc via bluetooth. Although it has translated well to other emulators, not this one. I cant get the controller to connect whatsoever.

List of things i have tried (which haven't worked):

Using the Xbox controller wired
Using both Plugged and XInput configurations
Downloading a new NRage plugin

Even though the ps4 controller still works, i really want to keep trying with the xbox controller. Any ideas?

ExtremeDude2 3rd May 2020 12:54 AM

What do you mean by it doesn't connect? Does it say no controller in game or can you not configure it in the plugin?

FrizzyIsMe 3rd May 2020 02:34 AM

It says no controller in-game.

ExtremeDude2 3rd May 2020 12:26 PM

Post your controller settings.

FrizzyIsMe 3rd May 2020 03:46 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's my settings

ExtremeDude2 4th May 2020 11:36 AM

The "plugged" box needs to be checked.

FrizzyIsMe 4th May 2020 04:07 PM

It works now. Thanks for the help!

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