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Franco_95 2nd September 2016 08:11 PM

Perfect Dark: Problems with CamSpy and eep files
HI Everyone

I'm here to tell you about a problem i discovered when playing Perfect Dark using Project 2.x versions (I'm using the now)

note: in older (than 2.x) versions camspy wont run anyway


You cannot use eep between versions because campsy and IR scanner wont work with saved files (maybe some on the writing mode) even on others emulators

CamSpy and IR scanner doesn't work when you play a game with a savestate or from a eep. but IT WORKS when you play the game WITHOUT saving the game or exiting the application.

Here are some photos so you can see it well:

Image 1 (without saving anything):
Image 2 (once i save it):

I attached the eep file for testing purposes ;):


Frank74 3rd September 2016 04:47 AM

Try Jabo's D3D8 1.6.1 plugin. 1.6.1 is newer than 1.7, has fixes for Perfect Dark scanners. You can get it here, download the zip.

Only problem is you need to copy your Project64.rdb from Config folder to Project64 folder. So that the 1.6 plugin can save the settings to this rdb.

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