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SorrowL 22nd January 2011 08:57 AM

Outdated Site Question?
So, after having PJ64 for the past few years, i've decided to get an account and donate $20. But after reading This I noticed that it is outdated, as I was able to donate to PJ64 via Paypal today, unless i wasnt Suppose to, I found this after I donated. (although not activated yet due to the Manual Process I believe)

I thought i would just post this so you guys can update that so people dont get confused, unless you already know about it.

HatCat 22nd January 2011 07:14 PM

Actually yes I would say that that page is outdated.

As of more recently has the PayPal method been used to donate, with manual account creation to follow, since its restoration.

Should be some follow-up info on the forum elsewhere also saying in that in 24 hours time or more it may take to do the manual account creation.

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