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Gamaxray 1st September 2012 07:00 AM

Using a keyboard to play.
So at the moment I do not have access to an actual controller to try and set that up so I am stuck with my keyboard. Anyway do you guys have any good configurations to use with specific games. I have a few if you want them let me know. I have Star Fox 64, paper mario, and a mystery one. They are .jsf files.

Natch 2nd September 2012 05:07 AM

I just use one config for everything. Home/Delete/End/PGDWN are the C-buttons, Z = B X = A C = Z F = L V = R arrow keys are the joystick and the num.pad is the D-pad

Gamaxray 2nd September 2012 05:19 AM

Thats similar to my standard setup. But some games like starfox and turak need a special setup to be playable.

TheLegend 2nd September 2012 07:06 AM

Better wait til you got controller with analog stick(s).

Gamaxray 2nd September 2012 07:55 AM

I was thinking of using an xbox 360 controller. Dont have a wired one though. So it might be a pain.

squall_leonhart 2nd September 2012 08:43 AM

the latest nrage handles xinput+rumble just dandy

HatCat 26th September 2012 02:58 PM

I would like to know myself what people most like to use for a keyboard setup.

So far I'd written my keyboard plugin to be non-configurable, so I want the setup to be as perfect as possible.
There shouldn't be a reason for anyone to config the setup, but it is easily reprogrammable through the single source file.

I'm using:

START button: Enter/Return (debated between this and the space bar)
A button: A
B button: S
Z-trigger: X
L Button: Q
R Button: R
C-buttons: NUMPAD(4), NUMPAD(8), NUMPAD(6), NUMPAD(2) (left/up/right/down)
Digital Pad: J/I/L/K (left/up/right/down)
Control Stick: arrow keys

So if anyone thinks there is a better config please let me know!

Otherwise I'll just have to assume from lack of critique that my idea is perfect. :/


Originally Posted by voxelbuffer (Post 41173)
I just use one config for everything. Home/Delete/End/PGDWN are the C-buttons, Z = B X = A C = Z F = L V = R arrow keys are the joystick and the num.pad is the D-pad

This sort of sounds reasonable as well, if not too Jabo-based off of his config.

Thing is, Z-trigger is on the back of the standard controller.
It probably shouldn't be on the right just off of A and B (Z/X with your setup).

Originally I was debating whether to use the numeric keypad to the full right, for the C-buttons or the digital pad. I probably chose the C-buttons because they are at the full right of the N64 controller like the numpad is on the keyboard, much unlike the gray directional pad.

I used to use the Home/Delete/End/PgDwn idea you're using for the directional pad I think, I can't remember why I stopped. I think I got a report off someone using my plugin on a laptop, where those keys were either unavailable to him or incompletely available (like diagonally stretched out in a way making using them for the C-buttons a pain in the arse).

Lastly, I'd much rather use Q and R on the keyboard for L and R shoulder buttons, than F and V like in your setup. :D F and V aren't even on the same line of keys wth, like the buttons are on the controller. I just figure, make your hand like a crabby crab-cake crap, and your shoulder claws (the pinkie finger and the index) are for Q and R like L and R on the cont.

Natch 26th September 2012 09:16 PM

My setup fits my hands better >.> It's like the WASD setup, but shifted down a bit :3

HatCat 26th September 2012 09:29 PM

I never liked WASD. :)

That's why I'm only using A and S for A and B.

If I reach all the way back to Z and X for A and B then my palms just slide further onto (or off of) the table itself and that doesn't really feel comfortable.

But then again I don't have potato hands.

I guess I'll play with it like that for a bit though. :/

NLgamingHD 12th May 2016 07:14 PM

yeah but i just get NO CONTROLLER on paper mario D:

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