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Ekznal 26th January 2014 09:02 AM

Mario 64 no shadows and black screen with rice plugin using OpenGL
Hello :)

Windows7 on Acer Aspire one AOA 150 with Intel GMA 950.
DirectX 9.
Drivers are all fresh.

PJ64 1.6 and PJ64 2.1

Problem with normal settings:
No shadows in Mario64 with normal settings on both emu.
No shadows under Mario or the trees.
No star emblem in the castle.

I tried different plugins.
Glide64 wouldnt work for me. PJ64 crashed after installing glide3x.dll.
Rice works with Direct3D but not with OpenGL. Sometimes (I dont know why)
OpenGL works without a blackscreen when i setup "combiner type OpenGL 1.1" and then there are
shadows but Mario have a funny white face and the game freeze a little bit

Mario 64 works very very fine under the normal settings from PJ64 but its very
stupid, that there are no shadows under Mario and the trees. Thats the reason because i tried different plugins but nothing helped :(

Have anybody help for me please ? :o

Sorry for my bad english :p

V1del 26th January 2014 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by Ekznal (Post 51843)
Intel GMA 950.

Your card sucks. OpenGL support on windows is locked on 1.5 or worse, DirectX support is also shite, that's why you don't get shadows on jabo's.

Your best bet would be using linux because there the OpenGL support goes at least up to 2.1 which is enough for most ogl plugins and can run glide64 just fine :P Nah seriously, your card is just too bad for this.

Ekznal 26th January 2014 04:02 PM

Ok, thank you for the answer :)

I will try Ubuntu as my second system, install PJ64 on it, hope for a better performance and my Super Mario with shadows. YEAH!!! :cool:

I will do it in a few houers and write here how it works. I am very happy if it works :)


Ekznal 26th January 2014 08:46 PM

With Ubuntu 10 it doesnt work :confused:
I use WINE to load PJ64 1.6 and everything is fine. But when i start the Game in OpenGL, with RiceVideo Plugin, the screen become Black again like in Win7. With Direct3D is it ok, but again without shadows. Glide from PJ64 2.1 give me the exception cpp error in line ... "I forgot it" ... .

I dont know what i can do, is there nobody who can give me tipps to run N64 well on my acer aspire one. It is not a bad Netbook and i like it and much more when everything works fine with the N64 Emulator.

Help Please !!! :o

EDIT: By the way, i played HalfLife1 in Direct3D and there was no blood textures and i was wondering why, because it is the uncut vesion. Now i tested it in opengl and now the textures are there and it work very nice. Why cant the Emulator works so nice ? :(

V1del 26th January 2014 10:17 PM

Welp if you already have an ubuntu lying around you should try using mupen64plus instead of pj64 via wine.

EDIT: And update it, 10 is old as fuck and the free intel drivers have improved quite a bit since then

I have a similarily crappy intel in my notebook, and i can run glide64mk2 (mupen's version of glide64) just fine, while it gives the same error on windows

To answer your actual question:

There's nothing to be done on the windows side, your card is bad. And don't compare pc games with emulation, different requirements and different usage of available apis, pc game x does work why won't n64 game y doesn't mean shit in emulation

Ekznal 27th January 2014 12:25 PM

Hey :)
Now i have Ubuntu 13.xx running, mupin64plus 2.0 on it and the M64Py-Frontend.
Mario64 works "with shadows", but now when i set to Fullscreen i got a flicker Problem with the default riceVideo plugin. I tried the Glide64 plugin what comes with mupen64plus 2.0 and it runs very very slow. Now i will try other plugins and hope to get a answer how i can fix the flicker problem in fullscreen mode

Anyway, i thank you very much for the help switching to Ubuntu :)
OpenGL works fine but fullscreen problem :|

Hopefully i look forward. :)

EDIT: Now SuperMari64 works very nice. In RiceVideo "plugin configuration" i changed the "ScreenUpdateSettings to "Vl Origin Change" and now fullscreen is no more problem.

Now other games like Mario Kart dont work very nice "o_O Hmm,,, i think with testing plugins and emus i have a new hobby @(^_^)@

Ty for help, cu

V1del 27th January 2014 10:51 PM

A neat you found out yourself, just wanted to suggest that, but waited till i was at home to double check my settings. :)

But yeah it can be a tad trial and error to get the correct combination going, that's pretty much the way it is with emulators, especially as the consoles get more complex (N64 emulation is somewhat notorious for that as there was historically very few combined and concentrated efforts, multiple plugins in which one fixes a bug in one game,the other needs a specific setting set for another etc.)

Ekznal 28th January 2014 08:26 AM

Now i want to have Ubuntu as my first "Emulator Station" but there are some Problems.
Some games, like MarioKart64 working much better on Win7 with Pj64 than on Ubuntu with
mupen64plus-riceVideo-OpenGL. Is there a possibility to get the same compatibility on Ubuntu like on Win7? Maybe with plugins?

Do you know a good Internet sites where i can download plugins for ubuntu ?
Is this Glide64mk2 a "special" plugin other than the Glide64 plugin in mupen64plus 2.0 ?
I ask, because the default Glide64 from mupen64plus runs very bad, maybe there is a other, "better" Glide version what i can use, because you wrote that glide64Mk2 works very good for you with IntelChipset.

Also i dont know how to install the plugins on Ubuntu. On Windows i know how, but Ubuntu is really new. I read something about that i must compile the plugins before i can install them. I hope there is a easier way to get it working.


EDIT: Nah.., i like Project64 much more :P
Mario runs much smoother and i recognized that there are shadows under the trees but i can only see shadows if Mario is far away from the trees. There must be a other way to get the shadows and other problems fix. I like Pj64 very much and hope that i can use it in future as my one and only Emulator for N64 games.

V1del 28th January 2014 02:59 PM

Well then the only thing you can try is to check if there are updated drivers (if you have previously updated your drivers via windows update, check if you find proper drivers on intel's page instead).

Trying out jabo's 1.6.1 from is also not gonna hurt (don't be confused by version numbers, 1.6.1 is the most recent version of jabo's plugin)

Most graphics issues could be resolved if you'd get glide to run though :rolleyes:

(you could also try to install the win version of m64py which includes all necessary plugins (including glide64mk2) to see if your problem is really lack of OGL support or PJ64 failing to initialize the plugins properly :D)

I was going to write a lengthy guide on how you can get glide64mk2 going on Ubuntu, if you still want that for some reason hit me up

Ekznal 28th January 2014 04:44 PM

now i am in ubuntu but i will try mupen64plus in windows in a few minutes.
I was thinking about a third operating system on my little Acer AOA 150... Android :D
Maybe the emus from N64 run better on Android, i dont know. Just Google for "Android x86".
But now i will try mupen64plus in windows. I will write how it works.

I think, when your glide64mk2 on Ubuntu is really working so nice, than you should make a nice tutorial because you will help many people (like me :rolleyes:) with this. I think i am not the last one with this problems :)


Mupen64Plus OpenGL Video Plugin by Rice v2.0.0

Hi again,
Mupen64plus works the same way on Windows like on Ubuntu. The only thing is that often i get a blackscreen when i start the Game. Exit the game and start again helps sometimes. Its randomly and only when i start the game from a frontend like M64Py. Nevermind, this is a little Problem. Glide64Mk2 comes with the Windows version from mupen64plus but i dont get it to work. Muppen64plus crashed.

Try and Error, Try and Error, Try and ... ... ... ... ... who knows :)

Now i try to get glide64 working. I read something about a glide wrapper from "zeckensack" which support my Intel GMA 950 chipset + Project64. But i become tired now... CU

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