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Wraist 30th June 2013 04:00 AM

Open With. Please Help.
Hello. I Screwed up My entire Rom Collection. Wow. :eek:

All by a right click. Going up to Open With.
And then i choose Project 64.
Thinking. That this would speed up the process resulting in me being able to simply button click the roms in the list instead of loading each rom.

Im trying to make it easier for my mom to play Dr Mario. Thats How this Started.

If anyone Could. Tell me.
A. Which Program The Z64. Ext is supposed to open with.
B. How to find the program inside windows.
Then Myself And my mom will be incredibly grateful.
Ps. As i clicked and watched the name that was supposed to open my roms disappear i noticed it said. Windows Shell Comm... and thats it.
Commodore Shell Extensions my research took me too.
Still Didnt help me.

By the way. Project 64 Is the Only emulation program i use. besides Snes Emulations. You guys have an Amazing product.:)

HatCat 30th June 2013 04:10 AM

A. Z64 file can open with Project64
B. Find the program on's stored where you installed it. Look for the "Project64.exe" file, usually located at C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6 (or "C:\Program Files (x86)"\Project64 1.6").
C. Does your mom like playing games?

Wraist 30th June 2013 04:18 AM


Didnt solve my issue,
essentially what im looking for is the windows program that is normally attempted first. when opening a Z64 format file.
the program Is Not. Project 64.
Choosing Project 64 as My opening program is what caused the problem originally. Thank you for your reply.

HatCat 30th June 2013 04:31 AM


Originally Posted by Wraist (Post 47860)
what im looking for is the windows program that is normally attempted first. when opening a Z64 format file.

Good luck finding that!

I'm sure any Winfag can find it no sweat.

After all, it doesn't exist. The OS relies on file associations, and you have no legitimate program associated with the Z64 file format of a ROM, next to possibly an emulator like Project64.

And if that doesn't work then you are not using a version of Project64 configured to support shell associations.

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