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Mefisto 22nd September 2014 05:49 PM

Best controller choice to aiming: XBOX, Logitech Dual Action or PS3?
Hi everyone,

first of all, sorry my English, I'm without time to improving it.

I need to say I'm a regular user from P64 (and one "watcher" from this forum) and I'm impressived how perfect this emulator is.

But there is only one problem that I (and 99% of the people here) have found:
the controller stick.

"I was playing Zelda OoT..." the old story...

First I thought the aiming problem was no problem, I thought it was just a hard part of the game.

I have tried N'Rage, Xpadder, JoysticktoMouse...

So, my controller has no intensity difference, for example, if my stick goes to +300 and -300 Y maximum, +10 and +300 are the same.
Link just runs.

Actually if I touch it just a little, Link walks, but a little is just a little little, using the example, I need to touch the +3 to walking, but it's extremely hard to do when playing.

Changing the range works, but sometimes this is upset, like aiming in movements or in a certain part (no spoilers) that we need to aim in a boss without Navi's help.

So, I've read that some controllers have this degree variation with sensitiity.

I saw the PS3, Logitech Dual Action and XBOX, but I can't test them, because I have no friends that have them.

So, for those who experimented these controllers, the results are good?

Which choice is better for this, PS3, XBOX ou Dual Action Logitech?

I saw too that the Logitech works just the left stick like a sensitiity way, is it right?

The others work the two sticks or this way is a default from controllers?

My other option is do this, for example, if I stick forward all for 1 second, Link just walk, if I hold more than this time, he runs, is possible do it with any software?

Or if I can have 2 options of "deadzone" working, for example, if I hold the stick 80%, he walks, but for more than 80%, he runs.

Please, if anyone has other solution, say me and I can help too.

Thank you ^^

hellbringer616 23rd September 2014 01:18 AM

I too have this issue, I am using a DS3, and nRage, i tried using Pokopom as my pad plugin, But adjusting the sensitivity didn't seem to help much, i only went up to 40% though before switching to nrage, which seems to work better, But i think thats just a placebo.

EDIT: Just tried with a 360 controller (wired if it matters) and setting the deadzone between 56% - 60% gets proper movement, i find the right tick (c stick for me) is still too sensitive to use, So i use the buttons, (X Y and RB) for the input i need for OoT

Pokopom fails at this, adjusted anything i could, But all i could do is increase deadzone, Not sensitivity

Mefisto 23rd September 2014 06:05 PM

Thank you,
I thought with DS3 and 360 I will not have problems, so I will find a Logitech Dual Action, I saw a topic here that it works well, like a N64 controller.

I think hard to use the right stick like C buttons, so I usually set "Circle" like C down, "Triangle" like C up, L2 and R like left and right C.
Or I set R3 with C up (it's most time for camera) and R1 like Z.

I am using a generic PS2 for PC.

hellbringer616 24th September 2014 02:41 AM

Use the nrage plugin and your DS3 shouldn't have issues. I haven't fully tested it however, As i didn't use it on my other PC, just the one with a 360 controller attached to it, but that had no issues with the above settings in nrage

Mefisto 24th September 2014 12:05 PM

Thank you \o/

I'll try to find and test here.

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