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zilmar 3rd October 2016 04:14 AM

Project64 v2.3.1-129-g4be7465
Updated android version on play store.

  • Make faster by starting to add in register caching
  • Add controller support
  • make sure build is signed with sha1 (should fix install issue)
  • Fix up fps code

It is faster now, still more to do tho there, it is not there for speed yet.

konasuper 4th October 2016 04:56 PM

Thanks for your update.i test residet evil 2(u) but cannot enter game & exit emulation the app crash…but anyway thanks everyone for this great app

retroben 4th October 2016 06:00 PM

Everyone that sees this,please test various games on recompiler and respond with your results.

I made an issue report a while back that has a handful of games already tested earlier but I still get the same results for the crash moments even after all of the new changes recently,but at least Banjo-Kazooie renders correctly now.

Anyone knowledgable enough can enable all of the debug logs to further assist in fixing the problems,primarily the random/specific/immediate crashes for many games on recompiler currently.

On a sidenote,I would be grateful to see a FullGL/OpenGL version of Glide64 added for devices like Shield TV (and other supported Tegra chips) to select from so graphics can display nearly identical to any desktop Nvidia card so that it won't be missing chunks of polygons to the point where,for example,Mario gets his foot amputated on the Single Player "Character VS. Mario Bros." screen.

zilmar 5th October 2016 05:08 AM

glide64 in android is using opengl es, in windows it is open gl. The code is very duplicated and not clean. I would like to look at angle, get it to use the opengl es version and so have a d3d version with the same code path ... so if there is bugs in there like what your saying that might end up coming in to the windows version untill it can be fixed.

retroben 5th October 2016 06:59 PM

The reason I mentioned it because Mupen64Plus AE has the "Full GL" variant of GLideN64 for use with Shield TV that only took a single day for the developer fzurita to port over (kudos to his excellent skill of doing that so quickly) and it renders so much cleaner over the ES 3.1 variant with perfect near-plane clipping support and flawless feature support.

It was done soon after I mentioned how Dolphin Emu uses the Desktop GL portion of Shield TV with a supposedly simple command for optimal quality,although it now has Vulkan as well which works decently and matches GL's performance.
Not asking for Vulkan,just the apparently quick procedure of adding full desktop GL access for capable hardware which will most likely circumvent the issues it currently has and allow all of the features for 1:1 rendering identical to desktop Nvidia cards.

Maybe I can ask fzurita if he'd like to try making Glide64 render near perfectly with desktop GL on Mupen64Plus AE and maybe even PJ64 Android.
Then SM64 hacks could be played with better graphics and no missing chunks of polygons along with all other games that have chunks missing.

zilmar 5th October 2016 09:27 PM

some else might be able to do it really easily, and if they can that is great .. but I do not know gfx so not something I will be doing any time soon

Timothypoift 26th February 2019 06:43 PM

Project64 v2 3 1 129 g4be7465
These are the essential items that are present each time an Android project is created:

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