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kirbydude50 28th June 2012 06:51 AM

Paper Mario, Help please!
Ok,so Im playing Paper Mario, and after the scene where Peach asks Twink, the star kid, to give Mario a lucky star, right when the screen turns white, I get an error saying,"Cache: Failed to translate 0." I downloaded the rom as a .zip file, so I think that could be it. Help please!

MarioRockz 28th June 2012 08:14 AM

I see, this has happened to me before, just get PJ64 1.7 and its fixed!

ExtremeDude2 28th June 2012 05:15 PM


Did you unzip it?

kirbydude50 29th June 2012 09:40 PM

Hmmm no I didn't. Thanks!

kirbydude50 29th June 2012 09:46 PM

I actually did already unzip it.

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