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Anonymous 31st July 2007 06:19 AM

written by Luke
I'd say drop 9x and add Linux support. It seems there are a lot of people trying to migrate to Linux and emulators are a great way to add games (one of the few areas Linux lacks).

Anonymous 31st July 2007 07:58 AM

written by Nik
I'd drop 9x support. Windows 2000 I can kinda see having but I don't think I actually know of anyone who still uses anything below XP or Vista. There's no reason not to really, and if people are unwilling to upgrade to the best version available (XP in this case) then they'll miss out on support for newer software. I don't think PJ64 should make an exception for them at the sacrifice of stability, time, and features.

Anonymous 3rd August 2007 12:41 AM

written by OM
I am all for Linux when it comes to saving my favorite old games. There are compatibility issues with every new Windows version. Linux would not waste your resources like this...

Anonymous 3rd August 2007 03:32 AM

written by Me
There are many linux versions as well, you cannot say that it doesn't waste your time.

Many people still use Windows 2000, so dropping that is not the best idea. Most software(except for Microsoft) still supports 2000. Most people who used Windows 95, 98, or Me, on the other hand, have upgraded by now.

I think you should support Windows:

houbou 5th August 2007 11:46 AM

Personally, I suspect that users with Win XP or better, will also have better performing hardware (more RAM, better motherboard, better video and stronger processor), then those operating Win 98/ME. So, obviously, it's easier for you to stick to WinXP or better, because you have an "easier" task of getting PJ64 to emulate the speed required to play games as on a real N64. I'm not a hardcore programmer, so, that being said, there could be a strong case where Linux would also be an alternate platform for you, seeing how efficient Linux is with resources.

Anonymous 6th August 2007 06:45 AM

written by Vinny
I always used project64 on my old XP computer and was ver happy with it but I moved to Macs and I really hope you guys can make a OS X version of it because the only ones out for it are terrible in comparison to your product.

Anonymous 6th August 2007 09:41 AM

written by angel
always used project64 on my old XP computer and was ver happy with it but I moved to Macs and I really hope you guys can make a OS X version of it because the only ones out for it are terrible in comparison to your product.

:) ;) :D ;D

Anonymous 13th August 2007 12:09 PM

written by infestedtassadar
Only the 32 and 64-bit versions of 2K, XP, and Vista should be supported; anything older then these are no longer being supported by Micro$oft. maybe keep an older version of project64 available for the older oses? A linux version would be nice though.

Anonymous 15th August 2007 01:54 AM

written by Delta Dreamer
One last try...

[written by DeadDude, July 19, 2007]
"3 Since the computers are older, the old 9x installations have already proven their durability (I can't believe EVERYONE overlooked this fact!)"

Finally, a voice of reason, in this vast sea of ignorance!

[written by DeadDude, July 19, 2007]
"My take on it is that anyone still running 9x **MUST** be doing something right."

Bravo! Now _that_ is what I call _respect_! Thank you, kind Sir. ;-) (And, the GEEKS shall inherit the Earth.)

[written by DeadDude, July 19, 2007]
"eventually, I foresee the W2K version going the way of the 9x version, but not for another 2-3 years at least."

Yeah, in about 5-7 years, I'm going to be laughing my @$$ off, when the recent crop of Micro$oft Bloatware, *also* becomes "obsolete". (heh heh heh)

[written by DeadDude, July 19, 2007]
"Which is why I say make a final version for 9x... makes everyone as happy as they will ever get..."

;-D - For a "DeadDude", _this_ guy sure is 'Alive' - Unlike, _all_ of the fascist 9x bashers, for whom have posted on this topic.

[written by KnyteOwl, July 20, 2007]
"WinXP Pro is the best Windows to date..."

Allow me to impose *my* opinion, too, since the most _obvious_ reasons for this topic are:
1. To beat the Code out of 9x, until it is in 'Alpha', again.

2. To allow 2KKK, XPee, and Vi$ta fan-people to kiss-up to their Master, Mr. B. G.

3. So, that said ignoramuses can spend their online time, freely flaming 9x users, with a new form of prejudice - OS-tracism.

4. So, Linux and Mac users can waste their time, trying to convince the Dev Team that their 'OS of choice' is *also* worthy of consideration, whilst our cries fall on 'deaf ears'.

[written by Smoke, July 22, 2007]
"But, alas, instead you have to become a damn Vista expert, download all kinds of tools, and hacks, and spend 10 hours removing excess crap.. Not that XP was much different, but Vista was bulls**t on a whole new level man.."

HA HA HA! Now, that's the best description of the, so-called, "Windows eXPerience", that I've seen to date! When Win98SE (rarely) tells me that I need "Administrator rights", I just Bitch-slap it with my brain, and continue-on with my session, without frustration. (I will _not_ be assimilated - Persistence is brutal!)

By the way: Does no one else realize, that we're debating about emulating an obsolete Console, on an obsolete OS, using what will eventually be, an obsolete Emulator? {Sigh}

Well, I rest my case - Y'all keep on having fun beating this 'dead horse' topic. It now seems like a _moot_ _point_, in my opinion...

Anonymous 15th August 2007 07:23 AM

written by el parci
>:( esta pagina me da asco jodanse, todos son unos ñoños unos nerds, vallanse al averno jotos

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