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TheRookMan 30th May 2019 02:57 AM

Pilotwings 64 Birdman Render Issue
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So I was playing Pilotwings 64 for the first time since I thought it looked pretty nifty. The game seemed to be working pretty damn well. Eventually, I wind up finding a star that activities the Birdman mode. However, the Birdman model is somehow combined with the hang glider model of another one of the playable characters. In the example photo I posted, Lark is using the Birdman suit whilst being combined with Goose's hang glider model.

Because of this, Birdman mode is pretty much impossible to enjoy since there's a huge hang glider model blocking my view.

Even if I don't get answer for how to fix this, I at least want to know how the hell this is possible. Easily one of the most bizarre emulation hiccups I've encountered.

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