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Sevyn 2nd February 2017 06:39 AM

Project 64 not allowing xbox controller to work.
So I've looked up every forum I can, watched every video and my problem still isn't solved.

I'm trying to use my xbox one controller on project 64 version 2.3 but it seems I cannot.

I've selected xinput as I should.

There's an image of my settings, so you can see. I believe they're correct, although I haven't been able to find anything about properly configuring it on 2.3 online.

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I know the emulator knows I'm using a controller, because when I tried improperly configuring it on the 'plugged' option, it recognized all my movements as I set up the controller. Left right up down, a b, everything.

.-. plz halp.

NinCalltendo 2nd February 2017 07:44 AM

this might help i remember reading it a couple weeks back

Frank74 2nd February 2017 04:35 PM

Check Plugged AND XInput. Save Profile after configuring, then save at bottom of dialog, then restart Project64 with controller plugged in.

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